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Helping My Child Succeed At Remote Learning

Helping Your Child Succeed at Remote Learning 

What to expect: 

A) Registration: 

Registration is via an assignment every morning, set on Microsoft TEAMS, and should be submitted no later than 10 a.m. It may need to be completed earlier, especially if Lesson 1 is a live lesson. 

B) Assignments: 

Students should follow their normal timetable for each day. (Five lessons) 

Work will be set for each lesson, by 8.30 a.m. each day. 

Students should see an assignment or a live lesson for each lesson on their timetable. 

Each lesson/assignment should take approximately 45 minutes. Year groups 10, 11, 12 and 13 may have longer assignments set. 

Where your child gets stuck on an assignment, encourage them to submit what has been done within the 45-minute lesson time, even if it is not finished. 

C) Live Lessons: 

Students should look on their Microsoft TEAMS calendar to see live lessons that have been scheduled. 

Teachers will set live lessons at least 24 hours in advance. Some teachers will provide a reminder or notification of live lessons on SIMS, but this is not expected of teachers, as it doubles up workload. 

Students can expect to have at least one live lesson per week per subject. Some teachers may set more live lessons. Where a student has only one lesson per week of a subject, they may have some weeks without a live lesson. 

Live lessons should only be set during the ordinary lesson time, according to the student’s usual timetable. Therefore, there should be no lesson clashes. Teachers will let you know if there are concerns over attendance. 

Students will be invited to answer questions in the chat feature. This feature will be monitored, and students should only use this feature when invited to by the teacher. Misuse of this feature will result in a sanction. 

How can parents/carers help? 

The evening before: 

Help your child plan for the day ahead, by looking at the calendar on Microsoft TEAMS to see the live lessons that have been scheduled. 

During the day: 

Ensure your child is up and ready for school every morning, in good time to complete the registration assignment before lessons begin. 

Ensure you child has exercise books and paper/pen so that s/he can participate in lessons without having to go and search for equipment. 

Encourage your child to take a break from the computer between lessons (lessons are scheduled to be shorter than usual to ensure that this is possible). 

Allow your child to stop and submit what they have completed so far, if assignments are taking longer than the allocated time. 

Plan for breaks and lunchtimes, to ensure that your child takes appropriate time away from the computer. 

Timings of the School Day: 

Timings of the school day by year group 


Years 7, 9 & 11


  Years 8 & 10   Years 12 & 13  
Period 1 9.10 - 10.10  Period 1 9.10 - 10.10  Period 1 9.10 - 10.10 
Break 10.10 - 10.40  Period 2 10.10 - 11.10  Period 2 10.10 - 11.10 
Period 2 10.40 - 11.40 Break 11.10 - 11.40  Break 11.10 - 11.40 
Period 3 11.40 - 12.40  Period 3 11.40 - 12.40  Period 3  11.40 - 12.40 
Lunch 12.40 - 13.10  Period 4 12.40 - 13.40  Lunch 12.40 - 13.10 
Period 4 13.10 - 14.10 Lunch 13.40 - 14.10  Period 4 13.10 - 14.10 
Period 5 14.10 - 15.10 Period 5 14.10 - 15.10  Period 5 14.10 - 15.10 
Period 6   Period 6   Period 6