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Rooks Heath School

Rooks Heath School

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Ghost The Musical

 Building on the success of the school production of Les Miserables last year, BTEC Performing Arts presented ‘Ghost: The Musical’ this year. Ghost tells the tragic story of Sam and Molly, who are overjoyed at the purchase of their first apartment together. They really feel that they can start living the dream, until one night when their world is turned upside down.

‘Two BTEC Performing Arts classes came together to perform Ghost: The Musical. It required a lot of hard  work, dedication and perseverance.  Not only was this a College production, the Year 10s and 13s were being examined for their performance. We spent hours rehearsing, often staying behind late after school. We put on a matinee performance for students from Heathland and three evening performances open to all. Although the majority of the cast was very nervous, including me, I thoroughly enjoyed performing each time. It was a great opportunity for me as it was the first time I had ever performed in front of a large audience. After each show, teachers and visitors would come up to congratulate us for all our efforts and hard work which was an amazing feeling.' Roche (11 Red)

 'What an experience! As a first time combining  the college production with a curriculum assessment, this was a huge challenge for me. The students put in a lot of hours and there were some incredibly talented cast members. My favourite moments were dancing in the wings and the pride I felt seeing some students who had never performed on stage. Building confidence, offering opportunities and creating memories is what education should be about.' Ms Daly

'Being a part of this production was tiring, stressful and hard work. But it all paid off for an amazing outcome! I also enjoyed learning the extremely catchy songs.' Noah

'So much fun. A great mixture of amazing friends, amazing teachers and an amazing musical.' James

'I really felt the discipline in Ghost, which I know would be much more in the Performing Arts industry.' Chloe

'It was a very challenging experience but definitely worth it.' Yagmur