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Future Trends

What is driving changes in the job market?

 Emerging technologies, such as robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual and augmented reality and cloud computing, are predicted to transform how we live and work over the coming decades. At the same time, as technology evolves, some jobs may be at risk of becoming obsolete. Whilst routine and repetitive jobs are most at risk, it seems those that are the safest career routes are those that involve creativity, managing people, strategy or decision-making – things that humans are good at, and qualities that are difficult to replicate with a machine. 

How to be at an advantage in the future 

Those who can show the following attributes will have an advantage in the future world of work. 

  1. Digital and Data fluency 
  2. The ability to learn and unlearn to adapt to ever changing challenges and needs. 
  3. Be more human than ever. Being able to leverage emotional intelligence and soft skills such as personal management, communication and collaboration. 
  4. Creatively problem solve using innovative and positive mindsets and critical thinking. 

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