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Rooks Heath College

Rooks Heath College

Opportunity through Learning

Extended Learning

Bowling Trip on 19th December 2012

‘That was my first bowling trip. I was very excited and enjoyed it with my friends. I had a beautiful time with my friends and my teacher.’  Anu  (10Red)

‘Bowling was my first experience in my life. I had conversations with my friends and the trip was excellent!’  Ajeenthan  (11 Green)

‘That was my first bowling trip. I really enjoyed the trip and I was a little bit excited because it was my first school trip. The trip was amazing, wonderful and fantastic! I really enjoyed it!’  Latefia (10 Green)

‘Bowling was a magnificent trip that I had so far because it was my first bowling trip and I enjoyed it so much. I learnt how to bowl and wanted to bowl more but the short time we had wasn’t enough.’  Mohammad  (10 Indigo)

‘The bowling trip was one of the first experiences in my life. The trip was fantastic and so enjoyable. I really had a wonderful time with all my friends from my group. It was an amazing trip and it was nice to get to know each other out of school.’  Sharmila   (11 Orange)

‘I went bowling by train. I went with my Additional English group. I really enjoyed the trip.’  Sanshia  (11 Blue)