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Rooks Heath School

Rooks Heath School

Strive to be your best


It is often said that it is better to give than receive. Our Give Back Get Back Initiative is underpinned by this philosophy. Students are encouraged to act as role models and display a generosity of spirit to help each and support every member of their community. We believe the short-term costs demanded of them to carry out these acts are rewarded with a lasting, long-term sense of achievement.

Enrichment is a vital part of Sixth Form life and offers students the opportunity to develop skills and capabilities that will boost confidence and benefit them in education and beyond. The enrichment activities are extensive and varied, and include sporting challenges, organisation of charity events, opportunities to perform and volunteering both in and out of school. We want students to develop as individuals and to be effective team players who will make a positive contribution to school and society. We also want them to be happy and to enjoy their time at school.

We offer a wide variety of enrichment opportunities to our students, ranging from, but not limited to:

  • Programmes by external providers (Zero Gravity, Sutton Trust, Talent Foundry, Talk the Talk Oracy Workshop, etc)
  • Paired Reading Programme- work with younger students to develop reading skills
  • Mark Evison Foundation- Charitable foundation offering Year 12 students funding for challenging proposals
  • Student Leadership Programme- a range of enrichment opportunities
  • Department Assistance Programme- supporting subject areas once per week
  • Charitable Events (E.g. Comic Relief, Year 7 disco, etc)
  • Events Committee (Social cause awareness and co-ordination of sixth form events- E.g. Theatre trips, ice skating, Black History Month activities, etc)
  • Multi-Session Activities- A variety of sporting/extra-curricular activities during tutorial once per term.
  • Cultural Day- a celebration of all cultures within the sixth form

Our enrichment programme is designed to offer every student the chance to develop and to leave school with enhanced skills and some great memories.

If you would like to find out about some of our opportunities on offer in more detail, please see some of the sub-sections on your right-hand side.

Here are some of the memories that our students have made over the past year taking part in enrichment opportunities: