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Rooks Heath School

Rooks Heath School

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At KS3, students will be encouraged to develop a love of literature and language enabling them to speak and write fluently, accurately and with a passion so that they can communicate their ideas and emotions to others through both the written and spoken word. They will read a variety of texts in depth which will provide them with a chance to develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually.

Literature will play a key role in their learning, leading them to acquire an appreciation of literary heritage through modules including Myths and Legends to Chaucer; WW1 and contemporary poets to 19th century prose such as ‘Oliver Twist’ by Charles Dickens up to 20th/21st century texts including the works of Michael Morpurgo and John Steinbeck. Furthermore, they will develop their understanding of drama through a close study of both modern and classic plays. Finally, students will explore the historical and social context of Shakespeare including texts such as ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and ‘Macbeth’.

An appreciation of the power of language will be encouraged through a close focus on narrative writing, as well as writing to argue and persuade to develop a coherent awareness of how to adapt their language and style in and for a range of context, purposes and audiences. This will be reinforced with a clear focus on how writers use language for intended meaning and effect in a selection of fiction and non - fiction texts.

Spoken language will be a key component within all modules as a means to ensure students are actively encouraged to use discussion, in a variety of formats, to learn and develop a clear competency in the art of speaking and listening. Assessments will be linked to the knowledge and skills developed within each module. Accelerated Reader and a whole school literacy focus on Reading will instil in students a habitual lifelong love of reading for pleasure.