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Rooks Heath School

Rooks Heath School

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English Department Staff  
Head of English: Mrs Neal
English Teachers:  Mrs Garrett,
Ms Green,
Ms Noor, 
Mr Parkinson,
Mrs Russell,
Miss Samms

English at Rooks Heath

As a department our aim is to help students to develop confidence and fluency in using language and, through discussion and the study of literature, to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Throughout their time at Rooks Heath, our students are immersed into the world of English through the three vital avenues of Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening.

We believe that reading should be an enjoyable and enriching experience and skills in reading need to be developed in this context from Year 7 onwards. To encourage enjoyment students read a variety of poetry, plays, novels and non-fiction texts. They are also encouraged to develop their private reading interests, making use of links with the school library. We aim to encourage students to view reading as an active pursuit involving a search for meaning, to enable students to consider their expectations of a text, their understanding and their response - and to develop strategies for selecting and presenting information appropriately.

We select texts for shared study because of their representative qualities, allowing students to access a wide range of genres, but also because of the opportunities they offer to explore the social and emotional concerns of young people from the past to the present day.

Writing is both a key method of communication and expression and a means of learning, allowing us to clarify and develop ideas, thoughts and feelings. Students are given opportunities to write effectively for different audiences and purposes and to write in a variety of styles: including letters, diaries, newspaper articles, publicity materials, poems and plays, as well as descriptive and argumentative essays and stories. Accuracy in writing is developed through practice in drafting and the systematic study of language, giving attention to grammatical structure and developing confidence and consistency in the conventions of presentation, punctuation, spelling and handwriting.

Speaking and Listening is integrated into all English lessons, enabling students to develop their abilities in social interaction, to clarify and articulate their thoughts, and to organise and make sense of new experience in the context of their previous learning. Through discussion in pairs, groups or as a whole class - and more formally in talks, debates and presentations - opportunities are made to use talk for reflection and problem solving, as well as allowing children to express their ideas and feelings and discuss those of others.