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Economics Department Staff  
Head of Department: Mr Bliss


Economics at Rooks Heath

Economics is a highly popular and well regarded subject for higher education. An understanding of Economics is of great value whichever direction you take after school or university.

Do you ever ask yourself:

  • How much does the government spend every year, and what does it spend it on?
  • How does 3% inflation (where what used to cost us £1.00 now costs £1.03) impact on our lifestyle?
  • Should we worry that the government is £2 trillion in debt?
  • Will it make us richer or poorer to leave the European Union?
  • How does the impressive Chinese and Indian yearly economic growth affect the UK?
  • If we want to give the NHS more money, where does the money come from?
  • Does it matter that we prefer to buy imports rather than ‘buy British’?
  • What affects the price of petrol?
  • Will Europe remain our biggest trade partner over the next decade or should we look towards Asia and South America?
  • Does it matter that one day a pound buys two dollars but on another buys only one dollar and twenty cents?

If you are curious about any of these questions, Economics offers the answers.

What can it lead to?

Employment opportunities, where economics skills are particularly valued, include business management and consultancy, banking, finance, investment, politics, corporate law, media, marketing and journalism.