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English as an Additional Language Support at Rooks Heath School

Rooks Heath School celebrates diversity with the school community speaking over seventy different languages. Many learners study English as an Additional Language and Rooks Heath supports them on their journey to proficiency. There are several support methods in place for students

In-year Entrant Testing

All students joining Rooks Heath School during the school term will take a standardised Reading and Maths assessment. They will also be given an appropriate writing task based on their scores. The student will then be invited to an induction interview with their Head of Year and allocated an appropriate timetable for their level of English proficiency. Sometimes students will be able to attend all lessons and develop their language with other learners. Sometimes, more support is required through booster classes.

The Bell Foundation Assessment Framework:

Students will be regularly assessed using the Bell Assessment Framework with five Bands.


This is an introductory English class that runs every day during Period 1. Students will take part in this class until they have met most of the Bell Assessment Framework criteria for Band A. Students study high frequency words, starter language for different subject areas and language that will help them communicate with others in the school community.

Functional Skills English

Students from Band A - Band C will usually be placed in Functional Skills classes. These run from Year 8 until Year 11 and students follow the Pearson Specification. All students will complete assessments in Reading, Writing and Speaking. Students will be given the appropriate level to work towards from Entry Level 1 to Level 1/2.

Students will continue to study towards their English Literature and Language GCSEs with the skills learned helping to develop their confidence with these papers.

Classroom Support

Students at Band D - Band E will usually start on a full timetable and develop their language within the classroom. Teachers use High Quality Teaching strategies to help EAL learners to progress. Professional Development opportunities take place during the year for teaching staff to hone their practice.


Rooks Heath School is a FlashAcademy school and use this online tool to help all EAL learners to progress. Students can download the app and complete tasks at home or can use this in the classroom. FlashAcademy also measures progress through assessment against the Bell Foundation Assessment criteria.

Holistic Support

At times, students enter the school from other countries without a accompanying parent. Sometimes students will arrive from countries stricken by war or other difficult circumstances. Rooks Heath School supports holistically and through pastoral systems and links to external agencies, we can ensure students feel safe, secure and that they belong in their new setting. Our Parent Ambassadors work hard to build links between families and support with bridging school and home together.