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Rooks Heath School

Rooks Heath School

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Communication of SEND

At Rooks Heath School, we have a robust tracking and reporting system. We pride ourselves in our consistency and regular input for not only interventions but how we monitor students.  

All our students with an EHCP or on the SEND register will have at least two meetings a year with a member from the Learning Support Department, where they will have the opportunity to discuss their last academic report.  This is also a chance for the student to reflect on what has gone well and what they support is needed to help them move forward. At each meeting, the student's previous targets are reflected upon, and it gives the student an opportunity to reflect on their progress. Reports are available to parents or carers.

Pupil Passport  

At Rooks Heath School, we pride ourselves in communicating the needs of our students to all members of staff in an effective way that means that students’ needs will be met inside and outside of the classroom. The Pupil Passport provides a holistic view of the child, where they will have a chance to give their own views and communicate their hobbies, interests, their likes and dislikes. The Pupil Passport also details the student’s needs in the four areas of SEND and strategies that teacher can utilise to ensure those needs are meet.