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Rooks Heath College

Rooks Heath College

Opportunity through Learning

Code of Practice - Responsibility

All teachers are teachers of students with SEND

  • The Code of Practice (2014) clearly states that it is the responsibility of the subject teacher to ensure that student with SEND make progress is their class.

All teachers must have high aspirations and expectations

  • The Code of Practice (2014) states that teachers will use their best endeavours to ensure that the student with SEND gets the support they need.
  • The Code of Practice (2014) states that teachers must set high expectations for every student whatever their prior attainment.

All teachers must plan for SEND in curriculums and lessons

  • Potential areas of difficulty should be identified and addressed at the outset.
  • Lessons should be planned to address potential areas of difficulty and remove barriers to student's achievements.

All teachers must have procedures in place for asessment and identification

  • Regular assessments of progress will clearly identify students whose attainment falls significantly below their peers.
  • Regular assessments will identify students whose progress fails to match his/her previous rate of progress.
  • Regular assessments will identify where the attainment gap is widening.

All teachers must respond to assessment by:-

  • Targetting high quality teaching to areas of weakness
  • Re-assessing
  • Raising continued concerns with the SENCo