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Classics - Latin

Latin GCSE

Who is it suitable for?

Latin is suitable for those students who enjoy learning languages and are interested in ancient Roman culture.

Students do not have to have studied Latin in Year 9 to choose it as one of their options as we will be starting the course from scratch.

What will students learn? (course outline)

Students will be studying for the WJEC Level 2 Certificate in Latin Language and Civilisation. This is equivalent to one GCSE.

As part of the course, students will learn how to read and translate Latin, as well as looking at links between Latin, English and other modern foreign languages. They will also study different aspects of Roman culture such as chariot racing, Roman theatre and gladiators and will be encouraged to compare ancient society with our society today.

How will you be assessed?

Students will be entered for the following two units:

  • Core Latin Language which will involve answering comprehension questions on and translating sections of a passage of Latin. There is a vocabulary list of 400 words for this unit which students will learn in small chunks  throughout the year. This paper is worth 67% of the total GCSE.
  • Roman Civilisation which will require students to answer questions and respond to sources on the topic of Entertainment and Leisure. This paper is worth 33% of the total GCSE.

Controlled coursework/homework:

Students will be given one vocabulary learning homework and one translation homework per week.

There is no controlled assessment.

What skills do students need to be successful in this GCSE and beyond?

Students need to be able to think logically—translating Latin sentences can be a bit like fitting together a jigsaw puzzle. They will also need analytical skills when looking at ancient sources to try and find out what they tell us about Roman life.

Most importantly, students need to have determination; this is a challenging one year course but with the right attitude it should be a fun and rewarding experience.

Additional Information:

  • Did you know that English is over 50% Latin? Therefore, by studying Latin vocabulary and grammar, you will gain a greater understanding of English as well as other languages.
  • Latin is highly regarded by universities and employers. According to the Careers Department at Oxford University, those students who study Classical subjects such as Latin go on to have careers in areas such as medicine, law, central and local government, computing and teaching.
  • Famous ex-students of Latin are Boris Johnson (current Mayor of London), J.K. Rowling (author) and Frank Lampard (footballer).