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Classics - Latin & Ancient Greek


The WJEC Eduqas GCSE in Latin aims to provide a foundation in linguistic and cultural competence, enabling learners to gain knowledge and understanding of the Roman world through reading and responding to its language and literature.  

The examination at the end of Year 11 consists of:  

  • A Language exam (50% of the qualification) 
  • A themed literature exam (30% of the qualification. Theme: Magic & Superstition) 
  • A civilisation exam (20% of the qualification. Topic: Daily Life of Roman men and women) 

In particular, this curriculum enables learners to:  

  • develop and deploy their knowledge of vocabulary, morphology and syntax in order to read, understand and interpret straightforward Latin  
  • develop their knowledge and understanding of Latin literature and its associated values and society through the study of original texts, adapted and abridged as appropriate  
  • select, analyse and evaluate evidence to draw informed conclusions from the literature studied to  
  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the historical, literary and cultural context of a text and  
  • identify and appreciate its literary form and impact on the reader  
  • develop and apply their critical, analytical and reflective skills to evaluate evidence from a range of sources  
  • develop insights into the relevance of the Latin language, its literature and Roman culture to the modern world.  

It also encourages learners to:  

  • deploy their knowledge and understanding of the ancient language to deepen their understanding of English and other languages  
  • relate their knowledge and understanding of the ancient world to other disciplines  
  • develop research and analytical skills which will empower them to become independent students and enquirers, equipping them for further study in arts, humanities and sciences. 

Resources: John Taylor Latin to GCSE (JT); teacher-made resources for literature and civilisation; Memrise for vocabulary.