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Classics - Latin

This curriculum, based on OCR A Level in Latin, has been designed to help learners develop their understanding of the Latin language and the related ancient literature, values and society.  

This curriculum will enable learners to:  

  • develop an appropriate level of competence in the language studied 
  • acquire the language skills which enable learners to read literary texts, both prose and verse, in the original language 
  • develop an interest in, and enthusiasm for, the literary, historical and cultural features of the ancient world 
  • acquire the literary skills which enable learners to read ancient literature, both prose and verse, in its original language with appropriate attention to literary techniques, styles and genres 
  • apply analytical and evaluative skills at an appropriate level which show direct engagement with original texts in the ancient language 
  • make an informed personal response to the material studied 
  • begin to develop a sensitive and analytical approach to language generally 
  • be encouraged to develop research and analytical skills that will empower them to become independent learners. 

The key features for the learners are: 

  • the opportunity to be inspired, motivated and challenged by reading widely across a range of set texts 
  • the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the life and culture of the ancient world through the literature studied 
  • the encouragement to develop and apply critical analytical skills, which will help learners in their future study 
  • the opportunity to develop linguistic skills which will help both in the study and application of English and other languages  
  • the separation of the assessment of unseen language and set texts in different question papers 
  • the chance to develop the language and literature skills needed to progress to studying Classics at undergraduate level. 

Resources: John Taylor Beyond GCSE and Memrise; M. Owen ‘Prose Unseens’ (OPU) and M. Owen ‘Verse Unseens’ (OVU); teacher-made resources for literature.