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Choice: Out of School Hours Learning/Activities

Choice Programme

Choice Programme Staff: Mrs Court

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Choice is the name we use for our extended learning activities. The Choice Programme is a central part of Rooks Heath School, offering students a variety of activities that take place outside normal lesson times. Each week we provide in excess of 50 activities in which students can participate.

We aim to provide a wide range of activities before School, at lunchtime and after School. Many departments offer revision sessions during the holiday periods as students approach their exams and students are encouraged to stay after hours to get valuable extra help to complete their coursework. All students have the opportunity to take part, either by joining in with existing activities or perhaps by starting a new one.

Choice’ has clear aims and the work we do with our students will:

  • Identify and meet the individual needs of students
  • Provide an environment where students feel safe
  • Remove the barriers to students’ learning
  • Develop self-esteem by focusing on positive achievements and building on these successes
  • Identify learning styles and adapt resources/support accordingly
  • Create a climate conducive to learning
  • Promote equal opportunities and non-discriminatory practice
  • Give space for students to complete School work, with or without extra help
  • Raise achievement
  • Help promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Make friends outside the classroom

The choice of activities varies throughout the year and students will find details available in the library.