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Careers Week 2024


National Careers Week 2024

Monday - Sponsored by NatWest Group

We are proud to continue our association with National Careers Week, now for almost a decade. From our headquarters in Edinburgh, NatWest Group serves over 19 million customers. Our brands are some of the best-known names in our industry – Royal Bank of Scotland, NatWest, Coutts, Adam & Company, Ulster Bank, Lombard and many more. We have offices in Manchester, Birmingham, London and Bristol as well as other communities, too.

Support Entrepreneurship skills with NatWest group DreamBigger

"CareerSense DreamBigger is focused on developing transferrable entrepreneurial skills in 16-18-year-olds, introducing entrepreneurship as a very real career pathway for young people."

The Dream Bigger Workshop is focused on developing transferable entrepreneurial skills in 16–18-year-olds.

If you’re a teacher...
If you’re a parent, speak to your children’s school about CareerSense Exploration Workshop.

NatWest Group Early Careers


Unleash your talents and passions with our graduate, internship and apprenticeship programmes. Find out about loads of different opportunities on our Early Careers site...
NatWest Early Careers


Get real with our apprentices
Insights Experience
“Our insight experiences are your chance to get a flavour of what it’s like working here and to discover how to develop a career that makes a difference. You’ll learn about the different internships we’ll run, and we’ll help you secure an internship for 2025.”

Information about NatWest Group partners

The Sutton Trust
Since our partnership began, we have worked together to support young people across the UK; offering them access to important opportunities and providing a robust pathway into the sector.
  • Since 2020, 90 SMF students have participated in a Insight Week with NatWest, across Easter and Summer holidays.
  • In 2021, 29 Sixth Form students able to access prestigious and highly sought-after work placements with NatWest Group. In 2022, this increased to 34 students over April and August and 2023 saw 27 SMF students participating. More students will have access this year, following a new hybrid format.
  • Insight Weeks have helped our students to gain firsthand insights and experience working at one of the UK’s top banks, building their networks and developing their CVs to set them up for a bright future ahead.
“I understood that there is no one golden pathway into banking & finance. Seeing people in one company having so many different journeys into these careers was comforting. As I had spent so long trying to perfect my career path, I didn’t leave myself space to do anything different – until this experience! -An Aspiring Professionals Programme student on a NatWest Insight Week
At Career Ready we believe that every young person should have the opportunity to kickstart a rewarding future. In partnership with employers, we deliver a programme of paid internships and mentoring that enable young people from under-represented backgrounds to develop the skills, self-esteem, and support networks to achieve their potential in life. 

“Career Ready helped guide me on the right path towards my future career. I gained so much confidence and team working skills from taking part in Career Ready. I’m now a lot more confident than I ever felt possible.” – Zoe, student from Glasgow

“My mentee’s confidence was boosted in a really significant way during the Career Ready programme. This was one of the key things they wanted to get out of the programme so I was glad to play a part in helping them to achieve it. I could see a real difference in their communication, networking, and collaboration skills.” – Tom MacDonald, Glasgow, mentor from NatWest Group

“The best thing that happened during my internship at NatWest was meeting and getting to know new people. Everyone was so lovely and I truly felt part of the team. It was so nice hearing different people’s career paths. Having the chance to talk to new people and introduce myself to strangers gave me such a big boost in my communication skills and confidence.” – Saffa, student from Birmingham
Tech she can
Celebrate National Careers Week and British Science Week with free resources created by the charity Tech She Can to explore technology and inspire pupils.
In two new interactive lessons, pupils will be taken on a journey to:
Explore transport of the future and delve into the world of wearable tech in sport!
  • Lessons for Key Stage 2/ Primary 4-7 (Age 7-11) and Key Stage 3/ S1-3 (Age 11-14)
  • Registration is now open:
  • The lessons, hosted on Microsoft Teams, include paper-based tasks and partner discussions, so are best suited to joining from a classroom, rather than during an assembly.

The Virtual Careers Fair

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Careers Week Resources

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