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Business Studies

The aims of objectives of the Year 9 Bridging course are to provide students with a taster of the study of Business. The course covers a range of Business concepts to provide students with an understanding of the Business environment. There are a variety of topics covered linking to KS4 specification and other topics that are Business related to provide students with a wider understanding of Business concepts. 

In the Autumn Term, students are introduced to Business with key concepts that will be relevant throughout the course of the year, e.g. Financial concepts. They are involved in a team based practical project linked to real life experiences of businesses through using Cadbury as a case study. This allows for students to work in allocated teams gaining key skills; people skills, communication skills, collaborating with others, problem solving, critical thinking, etc. Within the challenge, students experience what it is like to work as part of a marketing team within a business. 

In the Spring term, a range of business concepts are covered that are specifically mapped to the Edexcel GCSE course. In this term students gain understanding of business concepts. A wide range of topics are covered to provide students with an understanding of key areas: e.g. tax issues, business ownership types, marketing, intellectual property issues, etc. All topics covered will be relatable to students with real business examples.  

In the Summer term, we hold our ‘Recruitment Clinic’. Students will discover what recruitment is, processes involved and how best to prepare themselves for the future.  Students will be familiar with a range of recruitment documents, Job advert, person specification, job description, CV, etc. Students will prepare for and attend a mock job interview. In this term, student will pick up a range of skills and experiences for a very relatable topic.