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At Rooks Heath we use a biometric system to purchase lunch or take books out of the Library.  This system operates using fingerprint recognition to identify individual students. It replaces the need for students to bring cash to school, where it might be lost and also replaces the need for library cards; the student simply has their finger scanned and their details appear on the screen in the Rookery or the Library.  Parents and carers will need to use ParentPay or PayPoint to pay for meals.  The system also provides a historic record of items that have been purchased so that parents and carers can monitor what their children are buying.

How are students and staff recognised by the system?
All students and staff will be registered by biometric measurement and photograph. The biometric measurement takes a part image of some of the key coordinates unique to every individual’s finger.  This information is then converted, encrypted and stored as a unique number. This data cannot be converted back into any image of a fingerprint, nor can it be used by any other source for identification purposes.  This is similar to the process used in the library to ensure books taken out are recorded against the correct name.

What is a biometric cashless system?
At the heart of the biometric cashless system is a software program which recognises each individual customer, holds individual cash balances and records expenditure and cash received. It also records where and when money is spent and on what food.

What data will be held on the system?
Certain data will be held on the system to enable accurate operation. This will include the student’s name, tutor group, photo, account balance, meal entitlement and the biometric number. Other than the biometric number, this data is already held on the school’s administrative systems. All the data will be handled under the guidelines of the Data Protection Act. The data will only be utilised for the purposes of the cashless catering system and the library, and will be destroyed when the data is no longer relevant (such as when a student leaves the school).

Please click on the button link below to open the consent form for photography, biometrics, first aid, use of ICT facilities and offsite activities.