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Rooks Heath School

Rooks Heath School

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Rooks Heath Pupil Meets Book Mogul

Benjamin Zephaniah: Who is he?

Benjamin Obadiah Iqbal Zephaniah is one of the world’s most renowned authors and most famously known for his multi-million hit, “Refugee Boy”. He has released and published many #1 books including: “Terror Kid”, “Gangsta Rap”, “Teacher’s Dead” and “Face”. I was fortunate enough to go and meet Ben and talk with him and have a sit-down, thanks to some of the people my dad knew. I decided to discuss with him about the main character of Refugee Boy, Alem Kelo. Let’s see what he had to say about the topic…

The Question: What happens to Alem Kelo after "Refugee Boy"?

He had begun his answer by complementing my question. After all, it’s want everyone wanted to know, since at the end of the book it ironically says “this is not the end”, so no one is really sure what does he mean when he had said that, so let’s see what he had to say about it in the video below. 

(Video is currently unavailable.)

Conclusion: The Outcome

I chose to ask him some quick fire questions that I had prepared just before he had to leave, so here they are: Do you like gaming? No. Are you famous? You could say so. And finally, will there be any more novels? For sure.

So, here you go, now you know that there will be more to come, but no one has any idea of what it is. What do you think?

By Mohammed


Are Animal Cruelty Rules Too Relaxed?

Over the past few years, animal cruelty rules have been getting stricter, but are they still too relaxed? Many people think they are and that the punishments should be raised from the current one year sentence and £1000 fine. There was even a recent action to put the sentence up to five years in prison. The current rule was put in place by the government and is called the “Animal Welfare Act 2006”.

Some people think that the animal cruelty rules are just fine as they are, but some people question why animals like cats and dogs can get special rules protecting them, but the cows and pigs on farms don’t.

My opinion on the matter is that if the violence has no greater purpose then it should be punished, and that if the animal is killed for food consumption then it is fine. Many of you probably don’t agree with me.

A few people think that all farm animals should be regulated more closely by the government to make sure they have an actual nice living time before they are killed.

One person that took my online survey said: “Ask yourself this question, ‘Are you willing to eat your cat one day?’ If the answer is no and you eat meat then you’re a hypocrite.”

By Aaron


Transgender model quits Labour role after one week

This story will be about the transgender lady who has withdrawn as a MP after a week. This decision will affect the MPs and Jeremy Corbyn. She had quit over the offensive tweets on social media.

Transgender Munroe Bergdorf has announced her decision to withdraw her role as an LGBT adviser. During the week as the LGBT adviser, the former MP had been betrayed over the offensive bullies online.

Bergdorf has resigned as an MP due to the cyberbullying she had been through. In the interview, she had explained that, “Endless attacks on my character by the conservative right-wing press and constant online bullying.” She has also been sacked from L’Oreal last year after a backlash over “racial violence” of “all white people”.

By Daniel


Costly Canteen Causes Problems

It is clear for Rooks Heath students and staff to see that the overbearing prices of their school canteen “rookery” are leaving parents penniless.  Clueless parents are putting money on their children’s accounts the high prices and low quality are starting to become a topic for debate.

I’ve asked around and found a wide variety of answers from different people.

I asked Miss Siddiqui about the price and she said: “I don’t eat at the rookery because of how expensive it is”.

Later I spoke to the manager of Harrison’s food and she explained “That they advertise the meal deals so that people get them more often because they are cheaper”.

Riaz, 12 said “I don’t like the food especially the pizzas they taste really bad”.

All in all we can say that some like it some hate it but we don’t have to eat it.

By Nathan