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BBC Reports by 8JD

Syria: Seven years and still no sight of an end.

As most of you already know, there is a civil war going on in Syria. It has been going on for years and it is a serious issue. There are children dying, suffering each and every day. Parents are struggling to keep them alive with food and water. Many people are posting videos about the events that are happening online, but YouTube thinks that this is a very disturbing matter, and are starting to take videos down.

The number of people killed in Syria is rising, despite the approval of "de-escalation" zones that were meant to reduce the violence. This week, March 15th, marks seven years since the start of Syria's war.

This conflict has displaced millions of people and led to one of the worst humanitarian crisis in recent history.

Those who are still in Syria are dealing with a rise in violence and civilian deaths.

By Raadhi 


Donald Trump arms teachers to prevent school shootings!

The recent school shooting in Florida has quite obviously affected many people. Donald Trump seems to have a resolution for this issue: he said he would like to arm teachers with guns to solve this problem.

I feel that this issue is something that deserves a lot more attention and looking into than it is already receiving. To put a stop to school shootings, the White House indicates that it could find funds to arm and train 1 million teachers. (Posted by Guardian on the 22 February 2018.) Donald Trump has said, “I want my schools protected just like I want my banks protected”.

What happened was on February 14th, 2018, a mass shooting took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland. It left 17 people dead and the suspect perpetrator was Nikolas Cruz. There was a total of 14 non-fatal injuries. This was one of the deadliest school massacres in the world.

Some could argue that Trump failed to announce or think about ‘what if a teacher goes rouge and backfires’. The teacher might possibly shoot the child, resulting in a plan that failed! Poor innocent civilians are dying for no reason! Friends and family members are getting hurt! The question that is constantly being asked is, “How would you feel if something like this happened to your family or loved ones?” This needs to be put to a stop immediately! Others also believe that in America, it is too easy to purchase a gun. How many people have to get shot for this to stop?

By Shirina


Are RHC’s Rules Too Harsh?

On a cold Monday afternoon, a Rooks Heath student named Maira was enraged when an angry teacher confiscated two of her very expensive lip-glosses during a maths lesson. We spoke to Leah, 13, who witnessed Maira, 13, get two of her Victoria Secret lip-glosses confiscated during a maths lesson. Leah described what happened: “Some of the students were messing around and this led to our teacher getting some removals. When the teacher came in, he saw Maira with glossy lips and asked what she put on them.” We asked Maira how she felt about her lip-glosses being taken away, and she thought that it was unfair, and that all of the girls attending Rooks Heath School (excluding the Year 11s) are at a higher risk of getting into trouble because of what they are wearing on their face.

Many female students believe that RHC’s rules are too harsh, whilst on the other hand, their parents disagree with them and think that the school rules are just fine. From the perspective of a female pupil, the school rules are slightly unfair because not all girls wear a full face of makeup and only do their eyebrows or their lips. We interviewed a parent of one of the year 8 students and this is what they had to say: “Personally, I don’t think that 12 and 13 year olds should be wearing makeup to school. It’s totally fine for them to wear a little bit of lip gloss when they are going out but definitely no makeup.”

If you were not aware of the Rooks Heath School uniform code, please see pages 15 and 16 of your Link book, where it specifically states: ‘Make-up may be worn with discretion in Year 11. No nail varnish or artificial nails to be worn to School.’

What do you think of RHC’s rules?

By Leah