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Do women get the equality they deserve compared to men?

Women have for years fought for the same rights as men, dating back to the suffragette movement but why is there still such a gap between rights for men and women?

Men and women are both from the same planet- both bought up into the same world and yet, women do not have the same equality that they deserve - compared to men. In fact, female inequality is so low that women have to work an extra 40 days a year to earn the same pay as men.

We have interviewed other people who have thoughts about female inequality.

When asked if they felt that women received the same levels of equality as men students A and P said, ‘I don’t think that males and females are treated as equally as males get a higher pay rise than females do. Females are expected to do the household chores. Males and females should be treated equally’.

Other students, Veeshman and Anton said in response to the same question that, ‘men and women are not yet treated equally but we are on the way to gender equality’.

To gain an adult’s perspective we asked a female teacher her thoughts. She said that as a woman, having children will affect her career and her pension, which she felt was unfair as men were not penalised for having children.

As a young woman, I hope that in the future the female inequality will improve and be treated as equally as men. I think men and women should be paid the same and should both face the same consequences for their action. In conclusion, rights should be fair for all whether they are a male or female or even from another country!

By Keethiya, Azita and Priyanka