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BBC Reports by 8 White


In September 2016, a surprisingly immense number of 11- year olds were refused to have a place in their first placed secondary school.

In September 2015, the total number of year six students was 26,900 but this year it was 28,200 who were unhappy about their allocated school. In addition to this, the official figures show that 11.4% of the pupils in London failed to get a place in one of their top three secondary schools which was diminished from last year. Parents in London should know that children in London are nationally one of the least likely to get a place in their preferred school.

Londoners themselves are aware of how the capital’s population is rapidly growing day by day. This has put extraordinary pressure on primary schools and secondary schools. Experts have stated that by the next 5 years 47,000 extra places will be necessary.

Thousands of concerned and impatient parents across the great capital would have been sent an email informing them about their child’s secondary school and other queries. Many will be disappointed. Zahra, a mother of two sons told us, “It is a shame that my younger son, 11, was not given the same school as my elder one, 13. The younger one’s school is over 45 minutes away from my house. I am really stressed due to the fact that I will have lots of difficulty in picking and dropping my sons.”

Overall, this year 88,601 pupils applied for a secondary school which was nearly 2000 children more than last year. The government will need to find out a solution promptly otherwise the London education system will be a disaster, spoiling the British reputation.

By Abdul


Evacuation of London Bridge Station

On Tuesday 7 March 2017, the area around London Bridge Station was evacuated and sealed off, after a Volkswagen Polo was found abandoned and smashed up.

 The area was closed off because the Metropolitan Police said the vehicle looked “suspicious”. London Bridge Station and some other local buildings including a gym and a cocktail bar were evacuated at 1:30pm when the police arrived. A bomb disposal robot was deployed at the scene but found nothing dangerous about the vehicle. A huge number of police cars and vans were present at the scene. At 3:30pm the investigation was closed and the streets reopened again.

By Adelin


Kit Kat sugar content to be cut by 10%

Chocolate bars by Nestle in the UK and Ireland such as Kit Kat, Yorkie, and Aero are very sweet and lots of people eat them but it is very unhealthy to eat too much chocolate.

So Nestle decided to reduce the amount of sugar in the chocolates and limit the amount of calories. Instead of sugar, it will be replaced with other  ingredients, as Nestle thinks it will make a huge impact on the Public Health and that it will reduce obesity and diabetes in children.

Nestle says how they will use “Better Choices” by next Year 2018. Fiona Kendrick chairman of Nestle in the UK and Ireland says, “Our confectionery brands have been enjoyed in the UK for more than a century and we know that if we can improve these products nutrionally, provide more choice and information for the consumer, we can have a significant impact on Public Health.”

 What Nestle state is very true and it is important to know how much sugar you eat or how much sugar you should be eating. This will eventually help the health in the community and will reduce the obesity and in children. In my opinion it is a very good improvement on the sugar and health content in chocolate.

By Ashwini


Innocent citizens killed in car park compound

In Afghanistan, Kabul two suicide bombers have killed many nearby citizens in a car park.

 41 people were injured and 10 were unfortunately killed from the bombing. The bombing took place in the car park of a court compound on 7th February 2017. This took place when workers were due to go home for the day.

The force of the explosion was said by witnesses that “it had shaken nearby buildings whilst breaking windows and flying debris into the streets”. President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani describes the whole situation as a “crime against humanity and an unforgivable act!” One of the 41 people who were injured has said to the press “my father and I were exiting through the parking lot when a huge blast hit use, my father is dead now, how will I live without my father?”

This has touched many people’s hearts because of the unfortunate incident. Further investigations are being looked into by the Afghan police.

By Behesta 




Wednesday 8th of March, at 09:00 a suicide bomb exploded at the front gate of Kabul’s largest military hospital Sardar Daud Khan Hospital.

Shortly after this incident, 4 gunmen disguised as doctors, wearing long white coats arrived in front of the hospital. They arrived in a black windowed car and soon started firing on everyone; the patients, doctors and soldiers.

Hours after the gunfight, a group of commandos landed on the roof of the hospital and killed the 4 gunmen. Patients and doctors were all throwing themselves out of the hospital floors, trying to save their own lives. In this deadly attack 38 people died and over 50 were badly wounded.

 One of doctors working in the hospital said the following, “I saw a suicide attacker wearing a white coat, he fired on me I jumped from the stairs then he opened fire on one of my colleagues.”

ISIS has taken responsibility for this attack. Not much is known yet about why they have done this.

By Daiana



New drivers caught using phones to lose licence

New drivers caught using phones in the car will get 6 points which means they will have to retake their practical and theory driving test. But drivers that are experienced will get banned from driving for three years. Starting from the 1st March, people that keep getting caught will have to pay a £200 fine. In England 2015, 22 people were killed and 99 were seriously injured. Tougher punishments will be issued by the government. You can only use your phone to listen to music and podcasts but only if your phone is mounted on a hands-free holder. To use your phone you would have to park your car and the engine has to be switched off. In October 2016, lorry driver Tomasz Kroker, who killed a mother and three children while distracted by his phone, was jailed for 10 years.

You are not allowed to watch videos in your car, even if it’s mounted on a hands free holder. However, you are allowed to use your phones satellite navigation, only if it’s mounted on a hands free holder, but if this distracts you from driving safely then you will be prosecuted by the police. You are not allowed to check your phone if you are stopped at traffic lights or if you’re in a queue, if you get caught the law may charge you.

By Danyal


18-24 year olds are less likely to smoke

During 2015, research was done across the UK to see if there was a decrease in people smoking or starting to smoke. However according to The Office of National Statistics there was one age group which has seen a major decrease which was, 18-24 year olds.

This may have occurred due to tobacco prices increasing by 87% in makes it 30% less affordable for young adults to smoke.

It is said that most young people smoke because they either were not fitting in with their friends or they people they spend most time with, or they were being peer pressured into trying it. Some people were even forcing themselves to do it to impress people. It is also said that once a young person starts smoking it is harder for them to quit smoking and then they become addicted which is even harder to quit, due to their craving for nicotine.

Another reason why young adults are not smoking is because of vaping. Research done by the NHS suggests that most young adults are vaping but around half of them are vaping without the nicotine in their liquids because there are different strengths of nicotine in different liquids. Currently in the UK around 2.3 million people are now vaping and around 1.1 million people are doing it to quit smoking. Critics have also said due to the fruity flavours it has become more appealing to the young adults. They were also planning on banning all of the fruity flavours in Wales to bring down the number of young adults smoking.

By Elysia


Chinese Football clubs buying Star-Players!

The fans of football are starting to notice an increase of foreign star players joining the Chinese Super League. In the recent winter transfer window, Chinese football clubs have spent £331 million.

Former Chelsea midfielders; Oscar and John Mikel Obi have already moved to China in the winter transfer window, while former Manchester United and Manchester City forward Carlos Tevez reportedly became the world's highest-paid player (£615,000-per-week) when he joined Shanghai Shenhua, last month. Also Former Watford Forward, Odion Ighalo has moved to Chinese Super League for 20 million.

Club owners have tried to sign many players including Arjen Robben; He has rejected a deal to move to the Chinese Super League, he believes that players are wasting their career, "I do not understand players going to China at the age of 27 or 28. Those guys are at the peak of their career. That is a waste really. You only get one career. I sort of understand players who are already in their 30s." Oscar, a former Chelsea midfielder said in an interview “I have always dreamed of playing in Shanghai”. Many people are saying that Oscar is being untruthful.  Many people are saying that football players are departing to China for the money.

As well as players joining the Chinese Super League; a former Zenit manager Andre Villas Boas has agreed an £11 million a year deal with Chinese Super League team Shanghai SIPG, as a manager he has spent £63 million on signings and he has brought Brazilian stars Hulk and Oscar. The Chinese President XI Jinping has put a lot of money into the Chinese Super League to develop football in China.

By Eris


Travel agencies close down!

Travel agencies are being affected in the UK. They offer a variety range of different products such as booking flights, accommodation, travel insurance, package holidays and car hires.

Thomas Cook cuts 2,500 UK jobs and shuts 195 high street travel agencies. Thomas Cook takes 23 million people from across Europe on holiday every year.

Recently the internet has affected the in-store travel agency business, as the internet can be used easily in every home and it also saves time for customers going to the store.

There are many websites to book flights and holidays which are cheaper, quicker and reliable for customers. Customers can compare their products with other websites or companies while booking online. Therefore people have more choices available for them.

Travel agents held about 105,300 jobs in 2008. About 76% of all travel agents worked for travel arrangements and reservation services and about 60% worked for travel agencies. Approximately 17% were self-employed. Around 16 shops are set to close down each day.

By Hamzah


Online Retailers Earn More Money Than High Street Shops

Have you realized that when you go out to the shops it is empty?

Businesses online such as Amazon are making more money than shops like Primark. A study completed in July 2015, shows that  people are getting lazier. So they decide to get there mobile device, laptop or tablet and order there shopping.

56% of people say that it is easier to order there shopping online, so they do not have to go out to do loads of shops and sometimes the shops can be busy.

44% of people say that it is better to get there shopping in store because sometimes you can get the wrong item.

70% of people prefer to order things online because if they are busy they do not have to go into loads of shops and get there food, clothes or technology. So when they order it they can relax at home.

30% of people say that it is better to get there shopping online because you know what size to get and its good exercise.

 Rooks Heath Student commented on this issue “I prefer to order items online because it’s easier”

Studies shows that by 2020, 93% of people around the world will be shopping online and loads or people will lose their jobs. But more jobs will appear, for those who wish to work in the warehouses for online businesses.

By Jamelia


Drivers to pay fines for using phones while driving

Drivers now have to pay double the amount of fines if they are caught using their phones while driving. The drivers will get 6 points and they will have to pay £200. If you get 12 points in 3 years then you will be summoned to court where they will decide how long your ban is based on how serious they think the offence was.

According to the government; mobile phones were contributing factors in 492 accidents, 84 serious accidents and 21 fatal accidents. It is also said that you are 4 times more likely to crash if you are using your mobile phone than if there were no distractions. The law on banning mobile phones when driving, began on the 1st of March 2017 to try to stop accidents caused by mobile phones and other hand held devices.

The amount of people using mobile phones whilst driving has increased in the past few years because there are less policemen patrolling the streets and more speed cameras. The problem with cameras is that it cannot find out if you are using your phone when driving, so some people think they can get away with it. Mr Martian commented “For the majority of the people it will just be another expensive bit of motoring, it is not really a deterrent is it?”

The AA President said “If we are to change the attitudes of young driver’s maybe it has to be that harsh.” The Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said “It may seem harmless when you are replying to a text, answering a call or using an app, but the truth is your actions could kill and cause untold misery to others.

For some people the new fines are a great thing because using phones while driving causes too many accidents and they think the government should be stricter with drivers who use their phones while driving. However for some people this means that they might get in to trouble with their bosses because they need to take calls or do work while driving. I think that they should have put the law in place years ago and people should have never have been allowed to use their phones while driving.

By Kushpal



From March 1st 2017, new rules were introduced for drivers who use their phones while driving. It was against the law to use your phone while driving before, but penalties have become tougher. Every year, many drivers were caught for using their phones – which could have triggered unpleasant or even fatal events. Would you risk your life or driving license for sending/checking a text message?

So, what’s the price? Well, it has been doubled so drivers will now be charged £200 as well as six points on their licence, in what the government said, “increasing penalties would act as a “strong deterrent” to an ‘epidemic’ on the roads”.

Approximately, 24 people lost their lives, while 96 others were injured due to phone-related accidents last year in the UK.  

Chris Grayling, The Transport Secretary, said: “Our message is simple and clear: do not get distracted by your mobile phone while driving. It may seem innocent but holding your phone at the wheel risks serious injury and even death to yourself and other road users”. “Doubling penalties will act as a strong deterrent to motorists tempted to pick up their phone while driving.”

In my opinion, I think that this new law will hopefully prevent phone-related accidents in the future. I think that drivers should realise that checking or sending a text is not worth their life, just a single text risks the driver and other people.

By Lamya


School Girls Disgraced By Drastic Wind

On 26th February 2017, a group of school girls from Rooks Heath College were forced to do their normal P.E lesson in the harsh, raging outdoor winds. While the teachers thought that these conditions were perfectly fine for running, the students thought otherwise, describing the weather as “unbearable”. Our reporters went further into the incident…

According to previous weather reports, there were warnings of harsh winds the same day. Rooks Heath student, Stuti, aged 12, had her say, “The winds were so harsh that I could feel it drag me right across to the other side of the playground”. She also described how “At one point I was expecting the teacher to drop everything and tell us to go back inside after the winds made me fall over, however, she just looked at us and said, “What a bunch of drama queens” and of course me and my friends were shocked!”

After the incident, a lot of students were debating whether there should be changes in the uniform regulations in regards to P.E. There have been questions and demands flying around, as some students even questioned teachers, asking them, “How would you feel if you were to go out in the freezing cold, and them being told off for even the slightest complaint, how would you feel?”

Yet still, the question that is constantly being asked by students is: “Will there be a change to these unfair uniform regulation? Will there be a compromise so we can all be happy?” Rooks Heath College is still in early discussion about this topic. However, one thing is clear, there are a lot of unhappy and unsure school girls, anticipating a change of when PE should be kept indoors.

By Maaria


Children Craze over Social Media

Many children across the UK own a mobile phone and are connected to a form of social media. Over a third of Rooks Heath College students say they use social media for up to one hour every day and have agreed that it is really taking time away from their studies.

 A recent study from Doctor Williams has showed us that up to 45% of the children using social media have been drawn into difficult issues such as sexting and getting involved in things such as crime. Doctor Williams has confirmed to us that many children keep in touch with people over social media and there are many risks when they talk to strangers over social media, which will eventually draw them into such dangerous things; such as crime and sexting.

Furthermore, we interviewed some of these students on the 6th March 2017 and one of them said, (Jameilia, Rooks Heath Student),”Many days I take time off my studies to go on my phone and every morning when I wake up I check my social media, of course this not a good habit at all, however it is like an addiction”.

Instagram and Twitter have claimed that there is indeed an age restriction and of course they are encouraging people of all kinds of ages to not spend too much time on social media and not to talk to unknown people or to send inappropriate messages or images.

By Noelle



Chinese Super League Slowly Ruling the Football World

The Chinese super League spent big on the 2016 winter transfer window. The Chinese Super League bought players from all over the world. Altogether, the Chinese Super League, they spent over £325 million. The most expensive player bought in the Transfer Window was Oscar for a whopping total of £60 million. He was bought from to Chelsea and he went to SIPG.

Shanghai Shenua made Carlos Tevez the highest paid footballer in the world overtaking Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. The multi billionaire is getting paid £31 million a year, £615k a week.

Chinese Super League clubs tried to sign Wayne Rooney and Diego Costa but failed. They are even trying to sign big managers like Arsene Wenger and Andre Villa Boas.

He was offered £11 million a year to join Shanghai SIPG.

These are the most expensive players bought in the window

Oscar    Chelsea to SIPG     Transfer Fee= £60million

Ighalo   Watford to CC Yatai   Transfer Fee= £19.81 million

Witzel   Zenit to TJ Quanjilian   Transfer Fee= £17 million  

Tevez    Boca Juniors to SH Shenua Transfer Fee= £8.93 million


 In Oscar’s recent interview he said “It was always my dream to play for Chinese Super League”

Even though Tevez is the Cheapest out of all of them he gets paid £1.27 per second

By Piraveen


Canadian Mosque Shooting

On the evening of the 29th of January 2017, a mass shooting occurred at the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec City’s Grand Mosquée de Québec in the city’s west-end, Sainte-Foy neighbourhood.

The suspect, Alexandre Bissonnette (aged 27) used a CZ 858 rifle and a 9mm semi-automatic pistol just before 8pm, shortly after the evening prayers – where he killed 6, and injured 19 (2 critical) innocent Muslims. At the time of the shooting, 53 people were reported present.

The lone gunman entered the mosque shortly after the 7:30pm prayers were scheduled and was wearing either a hood or a ski mask, according to the witness. He began shooting at worshippers lingering in the mosque after the prayer. The estimated time about 7:55pm when the first calls to the police were made.

Alexandre Bissonnette is a student at Université Laval. He had called the police from the area near the bridge to the Ile d’Orléans near the mosque. Bissonnette had told the police that he wanted to surrender. His university was fairly close to the mosque.

People who knew him said he expressed support for Marine Le Pen and Donald Trump, and had far-right, white nationalist, and anti-Muslim views. The manager of a refugee-support Facebook page said Bissonnette frequently insulted refugees and feminists online.






Université Laval announced that Bissonnette would not be allowed on campus until legal judgements were decided. The University also has many international students from French-speaking, Muslim-majority African countries. The mosque is close to the university.

A witness stated that two attackers were dressed in black (which both of them had a Québécois accent) entered the mosque and shouted "Allahu Akbar" and had then started shooting, according to one report. Police determined later that only one of them should be considered a suspect, while the other individual was considered a witness and was released shortly after.

By Ria


Lamborghini Aventador Recall

Lamborghini is a car manufacturer based in Italy that produces high end supercars, however they had issues when they had to recall the Aventador range from 2012 to 2016, due to a fuel system fault that could lead to fires.

The risk of fire is due to when the vehicle has a full tank of fuel. This can lead to fuel coming into contact with the hot exhaust and causing a fire.

An owner of a Lamborghini Aventador said: “this is nonsense I have only had my car for a month.”

The recall will start on the 15th of February 2017 and will be worldwide affecting 5900 Aventadors. After recalled, Lamborghini dealers will upgrade the fuel tanks evaporative emission system and hand it back to its owners.

By Samson


Should girls be playing the same amount as football as boys?


 There have been many arguments in the past about if girls should play the same amount of football as boys.

Many people think boys have more potential and can do more, for example, doing more physical activities where as people think girls have to be different from boys in certain ways, for example when it comes to sports in most schools boys do football in their physical education classes. But when it comes to girls they do not play  during their lesson, most people have asked but have not received their wishes because the teachers prefer to teach girls other skills, which are also useful.

Girls do play football outside of what the school plans and really enjoy playing with friends and families. Jamelia (Rooks Heath Student) said “I really enjoy to play football and I like to do it more especially in school so I can show people that boys and girls are equal.”

By Sanaa


Largest iceberg to come?

On March 2nd a massive crack that has been continuously increasing its length has appeared on the Larsen C ice shelf located In Antarctica. The crack has been measured to approximately 175km or 108 miles.

Scientists have said that if the crack manages to increase its size by just 20km then they are expecting a monstrous chunk of ice to break off and separate. Possibly creating the largest ice berg to ever be recorded in history.

An ice shelf is a sheet of pure ice that has the ability to float on water and is connected to a land mass which is a large area of land. It forms when quite a large heap of ice slides from the land into the water. People often assume that when a part of an ice shelf manages to break off it causes the sea levels to rise. However that has proven to be incorrect as the ice was already floating on water.

The definition of an ice berg is that it is a large slab of ice that breaks off from either a glacier or an ice shelf and has the ability to float freely on water. Most of the time only a small portion of an ice berg is above water and a large portion of it is underwater making it quite difficult to determine the physical features of the ice berg such as:

  • How big it is?
  • What shape it is?
  • Its problems it can cause in the future?
  • What damage it can cause?

The consequences are expected to radically change the landscape of Antarctica and peninsula according to the scientists that have been analysing it. They have also said it could lead to an even bigger and wider break up of ice shelves.

The scientists have also said that if the shelves are lost then it could allow glaciers to slide faster towards the sea and as the temperatures rise due to global warming it could increase the sea levels causing massive catastrophic effects globally.

By Stuti


Bird gets run over by car or by a fox

 On 16th February 2017 in the morning, a bird was found dead on Waverly Road. Some people in the street said “It was a car” and some people said “It was a fox”. If it was a car, then the person who was driving should have been more careful on the road. Luckily the bird’s dead body was removed by the Harrow cleaning service. If the bird’s body was not removed it could have spread bad diseases to people around the street. Before the bird was removed, it was bleeding and the bird was crushed into tiny pieces. People are still not sure if it was a car or a fox which killed the bird. If it was a driver, I feel angry about drivers driving so fast and injuring anyone.

By Tahmidur