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Rooks Heath School

Rooks Heath School

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BBC Reports by 8 White

Sport Relief at Rooks Heath

Sport Relief is from Friday 18th to Sunday 20th March 2016, and Rooks Heath School students will again be participating to get active, have fun and raise money to help people living incredibly tough lives both in the UK and around the world.

‘Not only is this a great way to help people, but we get healthy and it is a lot of fun,’ said Samir, Year Eight student at Rooks Heath.

‘Sport Relief is a fun thing to do and by participating we are making the world a better place,’ said Hashim, also in Year Eight.

Fifty per cent of the money raised will support charities here in the UK and the other half goes to making a difference in the lives of people living in the world’s poorest communities. 

Over a thousand events will take place across the country and here at Rooks Heath we will be hosting a ‘Sport Relief Mile’ and Mufti day. On Mufti day, students will donate money and then be allowed to wear street clothes instead of our school uniform to classes.

Over the past two years, Sport Relief has helped ...

...over 189,000 children to attend school.

… 16,500 people get support for mental health issues.

... over 734,000 children receive inoculations against diseases.

… funding projects which care for people with dementia.

By Conor, Habeeb and Shakeel

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan Dies

Former First Lady of the United States Nancy Reagan dies at the age of 94 years old because of congestive heart failure on March 6th 2016.

She lived in Bel Air, Los Angeles. She was married to Ronald Reagan for 52 years and is going to be buried next to him. The funeral will be held in the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California.

‘It is a sad day for many Americans and for people around the world,’ said Dr Wilper, teacher of English at Rooks Heath School, who grew up in the United States when President Reagan held office.

Their marriage was described as the U.S. president's greatest love affair. Many consider her to be one of the most influential first ladies in U.S. history.

By Rhianna

  Sport Relief at Rooks Heath School

Every two years Rooks Heath School students raise money for Sport Relief to make people’s lives around the world better.

Sport Relief is a charity that gets everyone involved. To raise money you could walk, swim, cycle or run to raise as much money as possible. This year the nation is expecting to get more charity money than the last 2 years.

Rooks Heath is hosting different events to raise as much money as possible. Year Eights are doing a one mile run that will push some to the limits. We interviewed some Year Eight pupils earlier and this is what they said about the one-mile challenge:

‘I’m feeling happy to help those that don't have a good life like me,’ said Conor.

‘When I complete the challenge, I will feel relieved and be pleased with myself that I've done something good for charity,’ said Habeeb.

‘I think this challenge is fun and I will enjoy taking part in the action,’ said Gapilan.

In addition to the mile run, there will be other activities going on in the school hall, like the traditional throw a sponge. Students will have the opportunity to throw a wet sponge at teachers’ faces.

All around the nation people will be raising money for charity and trying to beat the last Sport Relief record of £70,000,000.

By Dewi