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BBC Reports by 8 Violet

Helping Harrow Food Bank

On December 2016, 8 Violet from Rooks Heath School helped Harrow Food Bank by creating a project to help raise more food for those in need.

Tutor group, 8 Violet from Rooks Heath School, organised a project, with the help of their Form Tutor Mrs Batt, to help Harrow Food Bank raise more awareness and food for those who are in need of the food. They had different ways of making awareness such as: going around the school to different form groups to talk about the Harrow food Bank and what they could do to help, posters were hung up around the school too and in assembly they would talk about donating. Lots of the forms donated lots of different things that were asked like: canned foods, toiletries, long life milk and more. Lots of food was donated to a total of 25 full boxes! This project was a huge success as lots of foods were donated, we got to help others and the students learnt something new.   

We also got the chance to interview some of the students who were part of the project on student said, ‘It was really fun to start a project that would help so many people.’

Another student said, ‘It was a huge success and I am very happy with how much food we got to donate.’ All the students were very happy with how well this project turned out. The people at Harrow Food Bank were also very happy with how much was raised. Also the people who got the food must have been very thankful and very pleased with how much help they got.

To conclude this report, 8 Violet from Rooks Heath School have done an amazing job by raising so much food for those in a need. Everyone was very happy with how successful it turned out.

By Aparna


Rooks Heath Helps Food Bank

8 Violet decided to help the Harrow Food Bank and people in need. They gathered donations from all the year groups. Everyone cooperated and brought in a massive amount of food donations. They also collected toiletry products as well. It was a huge success and everyone involved was very happy with what they did.

Here's an interview from one of the students involved Rayan, "I enjoyed doing this project and I would do it again".

Mrs Batt, the form tutor for 8 Violet, organised this project and helped make posters and collect donations.

On the 19th of December five students, Rayan, Fatima, Jasmin, Rohan and Thuvisan, went to Harrow Food Bank during the school day with Mrs Batt and the Head of Year 8, Mr Williams to deliver the food. Over 25 boxes were delivered. The winners were 9 Orange who received a ticket to go to the front of the queue in the canteen. They brought in massive amounts of food that filled up the entire room. I would do this project again as it was massively successful.

By Fatima


School children help Harrow Food Bank!

Rooks Heath School helped collect food donations to give to Harrow Food Bank. 8 Violet came up with the idea to help people in need. Mrs Batt (form tutor for 8 Violet) organised the charity donation in December. We collected food and toiletry donations from all year groups including Years 12 & 13. Over 25 boxes of food were donated and delivered to Harrow Food Bank successfully on the 19th of December.

Five students named Rayan, Fatima, Jasmin, Thuvisan & Rohan and two teachers, Mrs Batt and Mr Williams (Head of Year 8) went to Harrow Food Bank on the 19th of December to drop the collected food and toiletry donations off. The staff at Harrow Food Bank were very grateful. As the event was very successful, 8 Violet are currently focusing on trying to raise money for a new trolley to help carry the donations that the food bank get to the centre.

Here's an interview from one of the students involved, Fatima, “I enjoyed taking part in this event. I liked helping other people in need for a change. The whole thing was a huge success and I would definitely do this again”.

Once the donations were collected, the 5 chosen students went to the centre during the school day and delivered the heavy and full boxes of food and toiletries. This turned out to be a very successful event and we hope the next one will be as well. 8 Violet have shown how much they care about people in need and have outdone themselves by organising and encouraging everyone to donate. Well done to everyone in 8 Violet and everyone who donated and a big well done to Mrs Batt.

By Rayan



8 Violet helped collect food for the Harrow Food Bank. It took place in December 2016. The whole class, including our Form tutor Mrs. Batt at Rooks Heath School, did it to help people in need of food and other accessories. We collected the food by campaigning to our school and providing lots of information.

First of all, we were inspired by a special assembly by the Harrow Food Bank explaining situations where people were in need of the food bank.

To get the students and teachers attention we did a small presentation to all tutor groups and staff of what would happen with all the food and other items…(shampoo, soap, body wash, lotion, etc.)

After a day or two we already filled two boxes, we were all so happy that we reached out to everyone and what a big help it was going to be for a great cause as it was going to people in need.


Varsha-8V, stated, “Yes I enjoyed helping with the food bank and we all did something different. When we took the donations to them, they were very happy and pleased with how much we raised”.

Lastly she added, “The Assembly not only inspired us, it helped us understand what other people in a difficult situation would go through.”

By Shakirah


8Violet and the Harrow Food Bank

Members of 8 Violet visited as many tutor groups as possible to collect food and donate it to  Harrow Food Bank. To make things interesting and get more people to participate  we held a competition; a prize for the tutor group that collects the most amount of items out of their year group. There was a prize for the overall winning tutor group from the whole School – first in the queue in the Rookery on the Thursday and Friday. All items were brought to E5 or E8. Mrs Batt  and 5 to 8 Violet members went to Harrow Food Bank to deliver the collected food.   Rohan one of the members who went on the trip was interviewed. We asked him, “Was the Harrow Food Bank a big place?”

“Yes, it was massive! There were buildings full of different types of food. It was well organized”

“Were there many volunteers?”

“I don’t really know I only went into one building and there were about 4 people.”

“Do you want to do anything more than what you have already done?”

“Yes, I want to donate more and buy them a new trolley. I realised that the trolley that they had was broken,  they had to carry big boxes full food.

In the future I hope that you donate food because there are people who are not as fortunate as us and able to  buy food. Feed the hungry! If you do plan to donate there are specific things that would Food Banks would prefer:

·  Long life full fat milk

· Long life fruit juice

· Tinned meat, tinned vegetables ,tinned fish

· Dried potatoes

· Toiletries.

By Thuvisan


Astonishing number of schools that do not recycle!

It has been said that the percentage of schools that do not recycle is increasing! However some schools recycle paper while other schools don’t do this. We think that we should encourage schools to recycle and inform them about the positives about recycling it looks like schools do not have enough funds to provide the students with the programme of recycling. This means that the council in their area should provide them with the sufficient funds to run this programme. This means that they might encourage more students to participate in recycling. Also if we don’t recycle we might soon run out of natural resources on earth. An example is oil which is needed to make plastic!

Although Rooks Heath School, the school I am studying in, does not recycle plastic they do support in recycling paper, which is good compared to other schools!

To support this article I interviewed some of the teachers who said that:

“I appreciate the concept recycling, but if we don’t have enough funds to support this, it is not possible!”

“If we did start the programme it is up to the student to participate and involve themselves in it!”

In conclusion, most of the teacher thought that if the school has enough funds to support them and they have students who will cooperate, this programme might actually work. If most of the schools start recycling now it might help save us resources in the future. Imagine all the bottles you use in school, every single one of them can be recycled to save the planet!

By Varsha


Roly-Poly rolls straight into the pies!

Wayne Shaw, the Sutton goalkeeper, nicknamed the ‘Roly-Poly Goalie’, ate a pie on live television and ruined the fame of Sutton getting this far. Also, there have been accusations about betting on himself do it. He said he has not and that it was a bit of banter for some friends and fans, but is the 23-stone man lying or not?

Sutton reserve goalkeeper Wayne Shaw has sparked a Gambling Commission probe over his pie-eating PR stunt in the second half of their FA Cup tie. Shaw nicknamed the Roly-Poly Goalie, was aware that bookmakers were offering 8/1 on him being caught on camera eating a pie during the game against Arsenal.

The 23-stone stopper became an overnight star after being spotted on the bench in Sutton’s win against Leeds United in the third round. It now appears that Shaw and bookies Sun Bets could be in hot water with the Gambling Commission launching an investigation and the Football Association also considering action.

Gambling Commission enforcement and intelligence director Richard Watson said: ‘Integrity in sport is not a joke and we have opened an investigation to establish exactly what happened.’

From a P.E teacher’s point of view, “Yeah it is obviously something like a betting scam, he obviously wasn’t taking his job seriously. Even if he did get brought on as a sub, it wouldn’t have changed anything. I also think he was pressurized into resigning. It was a joke and bit of fun, but people benefitted from what he did. No, I don’t think people will be inspired, they’ll just think of him as an idiot.”

He has now resigned, was it because of all the pressure, or was it because he was sacked? The Gambling Commission are still looking into this matter.

By William


International Women’s Day

International women's day was celebrated on the 8th of March, like every year, to mark the importance of women and their rights.

Its History:

Women carried on celebrating National Women's Day on the last Sunday of February until 1913.
International Women's Day was celebrated in the United Nations for the first time in 1975.

There are about 1.7 billion women in the workforce and 47% of the UK workforce are women without them, the workforce would suffer great loss in economy.
International Women’s Day was celebrated tremendously and in future will also be a reminder of the great achievements achieved by women.

A female student said: “I think international women’s day is a great way for women to feel empowered, confident and worthy as usually they are looked down upon by society.”

Rohan, a male student said: “I think it’s nice to have an international women’s day as it recognizes that women have equal rights to men.”

An actual woman said: “I think it’s a great concept that all women have a day that is dedicated to them to combat inequality.”

“Women spend at least twice as much time as men on domestic work, and when all work – paid and unpaid – is considered, women work longer hours than men.” (

By Zainab