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BBC Reports by 8 Red

Social Media: Overused and Overrated?

All across the world students’ minds are being taken over by social media. They are being forced to feel accepted into society and its becoming more of a priority to them. It’s becoming such a big thing it’s taking over their studies and sleep. But the question, is this you?

In my opinion I feel social media is great for finding new talents, but it can be used inappropriately and should be monitored carefully. I also think that you should focus more on your studies rather than how many followers you have on Instagram. I think we shouldn’t ban it, but we should limit our time on social media.

I asked 10 students how long they spend on social media. Six of them said they spend 8-12 hours per day online and the other 4 said that they spend between 3 and 6 hours. Even though it doesn’t seem that much, it really is: that amount of time spent looking at a phone can be very bad for your eyes.

I also asked 10 other students if they use social media when they are supposed to be sleeping, with 7 of them admitting they do on a daily basis. This is a terrible insight into the lives of some young people and should be taken seriously.

I think that social media is a little bit overrated and shouldn’t be over used.

By Kinya


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Review

On the 21st July 2007, J.K Rowling released ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.’ Many people thought it would be the last of the Harry Potter series, but were in for a pleasant surprise when J.K Rowling released ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ on the 31st  July 2016. What twists would the eighth book bring to the Harry Potter universe?

Stores held midnight parties to welcome the new book as fans eagerly awaited its release. Countless copies were sold and many fans were desperate also to see the play, which was premiered the day before on the 30th of July 2016.

Upon reading the book, many fans were sorely disappointed to learn the book was a script of the play ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’, not the book they were promised. The script was co-written by J.K Rowling, John Tiffany and Jack Thorne.

The book is written in two parts and is set nineteen years after the final battle. The plot revolves around the relationship of Harry Potter and his 2nd born Albus Potter. Albus is insecure and has a shaky relationship with his family especially with his father Harry Potter.

“While Harry grapples with a past that refuses to stay where it belongs, his youngest son Albus must struggle with the weight of a family legacy he never wanted.”, is an acute description of the story from the blurb.

The book is intriguing and brings many new twists to the Harry Potter universe and brings a whole new side of Harry to light. The book has a 3.8-star rating and while not as mesmerising and magical as the other seven books, is still amazing.


By Saina 



All over the world, people are spending too much time on social media and technology everyday instead of studying and working. Technology and social media has become so advanced that it has almost taken over the minds of many. So the question is, how much time do you think you spend on social media a day?

Statistics say that almost one out of three minutes is spent social networking or messaging and on average people use the internet for 1 hour and 58 minutes a day. This year the estimated number of worldwide social media users is 1.96 billion. This number is expected to rise to 2.5 billion by 2018.

Parents I have spoken to say they are appalled by what people have done on social media, but some are amazed with the endless possibilities. Our reporter also got the chance to ask the opinions of school teenagers.  ‘It can be hard to handle at some times and people take advantage but it has made the world better and more advanced,’ said one Rooks Heath student.

Kavitha, a business woman, stated, ‘ social media, such as twitter, plays a huge part in promoting companies and connecting across locations but, at the same time, it can bring up negative feedback, which can sometimes be the downfall of the company’. Social media is a great way to spread news and awareness like politics. Without social media news would not get around the world.

Even though social media is a great asset to the world, it can cause disruption such as cyber-bullying and sexting. Cyber-bullying and sexting have both increased rapidly in the past 3 years. It has become a great problem and many people have had to face the consequences. But some people have made an effort to rid the world of troublemakers such as CEOP and childline. However it is still a problem that needs addressing.

By Talitha


International Women’s Day

Last week on March 8th 2017, the world  celebrated International Women’s Day with motivational speakers, campaigns, parades and festivals.  Females around the world took part in activities to show their support and encouragement towards making society more equal for both genders. But why do we celebrate such a day?

The earliest observant of Women’s Day was on February 28th 1909 and it was held in New York as a protest for women’s right to vote. It was organised by the Socialist Party of America. Now, every year, we celebrate this occasion on March 8th. The reason why it is celebrated on this particular day every year is because in 1914 it was held on March 8th, most likely due to the fact that it was a Sunday.

The reason why we still celebrate International Women’s Day is to try to achieve full gender equality for women around the globe. To keep the balance, there is also an International Men’s Day, celebrated on November 19th.

Interestingly, in some countries they let women have the day off for International Women’s Day, however men may not be allowed to take the day off as well.

By Cristina and Serene


Social Media -  Good or Bad

Is social media good or bad? Or is the answer somewhere in between? We all know social media is a staple in modern day teenage life but is social media really good for them? Many people are quick to criticize social media but does it deserve all the hate it receives?

There are many different types of social media such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. It is fair to say that they all have their many flaws. Parents don’t like that their children have been encompassing them in their own little world with their phone.

Not only are there issues in the outside world but in the virtual world too: being on social media young children could be exposed to cyber-bullying – where people bully people on the internet. Statistically, research shows that 1 out of 10 young people have REPORTED being cyber-bullied.

Along with cyber-bullying young people are also exposed to sexting which is something that takes place over social media. Snapchat is infamous for having the most people sexting over their social media platform since they BELIEVE that messages are deleted after they’ve been seen but actually they are saved in a remote server they just can no longer see them.

As you can see social media has its many faults and flaws but it is also a good thing. Social media is a place where teens can become more sociable and talk to their friends outside of their respective places to meet.

Social media is also a place where teens can make friends because they may be ostracized for the way they look. On social media they’re able to meet people that won’t judge them for the way they look but can get to know them first.

Social media can also be a way to express themselves and their personalities through social media.

My personal opinion is that social media can be a good thing, however there are some awful and horrible people online so I believe if a child is too young their parents should monitor what they are on and make sure their child is safe

By Donell


Should the Brexit vote be redone?

 On the 23rd June 2016 there was a vote in Britain called Brexit (a combination of the words Britain and exit) on whether Britain should leave the Europeans Union with 58% voting for and 42% voting against it. However most of the 58% were elderly people who in many people’s opinions wouldn’t live to see the consequences of the vote. This started an argument over whether the vote should be redone just excluding elderly from the vote.

A big problem with this whole debate is that elderly people will be less likely to live to see the consequences of the vote and that the future of young people was decided even though they didn’t get to even vote at all and it is them that will be effected the most. This for many people seems extremely unfair and rightfully so.

Even though many people do think this, there are some who don’t agree and argue that elderly people are adults too and therefore they have the right to vote since they are just as human as young people.

Finally we have interviewed a Charlie who is a student to get a young person’s perspective: “I think it should be redone but the elderly people should not be allowed to vote because even though they’re people they’re going to die in a few years. Also, leaving would mean the people of Britain would have many places blocked off”.

By Tarusavins