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                         Leo's Finally Roaring

An unforgettable event for Leonardo DiCaprio has happened...

The Oscar Awards Ceremony took place on the 28th February 2016 at the Dolby Theatre, Hollywood. Leonardo DiCaprio won a ‘Best Actor’ Oscar for his role in ‘The Revenant’.

To see Leonardo DiCaprio win the Oscar was a delight. After being nominated five times (acting) he had finally won it. It was a great way to celebrate the 88th Oscar Awards Ceremony.

Is Hollywood racist?

 Some familiar Hollywood faces had protested about how only white people were nominated.

The host Chris Rock did not shy away from the controversy, but addressed the topic head on   by describing the event as ‘The White People’s Choice Awards’ and calling for black actors to get the same opportunities as white actors. His performance was full of wit and humour. A superb performance.





On the 12th and 13th of February some of the Rooks Heath students took part in a performance. The show took place in the Rooks Heath School Hall. This performance included drama, singing, acting, dancing and a lot of FUN!! This successfully showcased the considerable talent of both the Rooks Heath students and teachers.

Students were asked to audition for a role in the performance in the beginning of December; they were soon told if they were performing in the show. Rehearsals started in late December and lasted from 3:10pm (after-school) till 6pm! These rehearsals carried on till the day of the performance. Students and teachers put in a lot of time and effort to make this performance incredible.

After weeks of preparation, students were now ready to perform in front of the audience. On the day of the performance students had rehearsals during the school day where they did a run through of the performance. This carried on after school until it was time to perform to the audience.

The showstopper performance was the one when all the students who had performed came on the stage and performed ‘Let It Go’. The audience was gobsmacked and was amazed by the talent of the students. Shana who performed and took part in the performance quoted “It was amazing and it felt incredible to be part of it! It was just FUN to be on stage singing for the supportive audience and I was very happy to be part of it.”

The performance repeated on Friday the 13th of February and the students performed again and showed their talent to the audience, once again the audience were amazed to see students perform like that!

Students and teachers put in a lot of effort into the performance and you could see that when you watched the performance. The performance was simply stupendous! It will be remembered as a great performance in the history of Rooks Heath School and will always be remembered by the people who performed and also by the audience who watched it.

By Shana, Shang and Thiwisha


  In this Report:

· Introduction to why are Segways banned?

· Why Segways are exploding?

· Tips and advice on how to keep your Segway safe

· Customer quotes

· Image of a Segway 

Introduction to Why are Segways banned in the UK?.

These two-wheeled scooters have been banned in the UK due to traffic reasons and due to explosions. The scooters are considered a hazard. Many big companies such as Amazon and Ebay  are now taking them of shelves as a result of many complaints by customers to do with their Segways exploding. The Met confirmed guidance from the Crown Prosecution Service that the “self-balancing scooters” cannot be ridden on roads or pavements , and are only allowed on private property.

Why are Segways exploding?

The reasons are:

· Overcharged

· Riding it on water

· The batteries are cheap in some hover boards

Tips and advice on how to keep your Segway safe.

· Only charge for 1hr –2hrs if you charge it overnight it might explode

· Don’t ride it on water or when it’s raining

· Make sure you charge it