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BBC Reports by 8 Indigo

Personal Assistance or Personal Burglary?

In the past decade, personal assistance has revolutionised the world in ways we never thought it could. With the first release of a personal assistant in 2011 (Siri), artificial intelligence has evolved very quickly. With releases like: Siri, Cortana, Google Now, Samsung S Voice, Google Home, Amazon Echo etc. we have a competitive tech industry.

 A personal assistance product






Amazon Echo was the first personal released by Amazon. It won Smart Home Platform of the year. It won this for a reason. It has many features that have never been seen before. The Google Home was released in 2016. It has been the first Speaker Assistant that Google has released. Amazon released the Echo way before Google released the Home.

Harshil, a year 8 student at Rooks Heath, said “I think that Personal Assistance are very useful in our society. I think that Google Home is more reliable than Amazon Echo, because it is more of a well-known company therefore more trustworthy. However, the Echo has been out for longer which means they are more developed and the product is more well-known.”

Ehsan, another year 8 student at Rooks Heath, said “I prefer the Google Home because it is more reliable. It helps you with tasks that the Echo can’t. It is also made by a more well-known company.”

Both assistants are reliable and they get the job done. There is much more technology like this to come but we still don’t know if they are safe.

By Goshikan, Conor and Ravisanth


Immigrants Begging for Mercy

Torture causes refugees begging for death and mercy. Many immigrants are dying each day for no fixed reasons. This is a daily occurrence for the innocent Syrians. People are required to flee from their country to stay safe. Some of these attempts to flee have not been successful which is unfortunate to the family and friends of the doomed person. 4.9 million Syrians are refugees – half of them are children.

We asked many people about their opinions on refugee crisis. One of our students asked a local community member about it, they said:

How will Brexit affect the refugee crisis?

It will slow down the number of refugees entering the country – this can be both good and bad.”

What is your opinion on the refugee crisis?

“We think other countries should take their fair share on refugees but we seem to be taking the majority.”

Why do you think people are leaving their countries?

“Because war is breaking out everywhere. We think everyone should live happy and bring war to an end because everyone has a right to have an education and to be happy.”

We don’t know what the future holds for these refugees however, we know that people should treat them like a normal humans and not animals.  They have rights to being treated like everyone else, they have feelings and emotions too. We feel that no matter where anyone is from around the world they have the right to have an education and to be happy. In conclusion, countries in different continents are helping refugges not just in syria but those in need. There is more help needed…

Donate to https://donate.unhcr.orgn today!

Written by Sabaa and Floriana


Social Media: Good or Bad?


What is social media?


Social media are websites and apps that let you share content and participate in social networking and also let you communicate with people around the world.

There are many different sides to social media, there are pro’s and con’s. This happens on different social media platform e.g. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp.


After interviewing some people here are their opinions.

Kayleigh, a year 8 student at Rooks Heath, said “The impact of bullying on social media is very negative. Whoever gets bullied may feel like they’re trapped, but the positive things are that you can make friends and find out the latest news. I personally think that social media is a good thing and it makes people happy.”

  • Making friends
  • Business opportunities
  • Finding news around the world
  • Socializing with people
  • Talking to family and friends
  • Being connected to society.
  • Being an entrepreneur
  • Useful for homework help
  • Can organise events


  • Being addicted to social media
  • Feeling isolated
  • Being Bullied
  • Sexism
  • Stranger danger
  • Sexting
  • When being less active
  • Strangers using personal info
  • Wasting time
  • Being hacked
  • It lacks privacy most of the time

Sabaa, a year 8 student at Rooks Heath, said “It is very hard when you get bullied on social media and you cannot tell anybody and it also leads to depression. Young people overuse social media and do not focus on their school work.”


Overall social media is a good thing if you use it right. Some people think that social media is a great invention and others think it is a bad impact on society. Although social media isn’t good all the time it depends on different people’s opinions and how they see it. Social media has let us become closer to different parts of the world but also at the same time is has let people lessen their interaction with society.

By Sabiha and Fatima


Transformers Last Knight

Transformers 5 is coming out on 27th of June and is of the most famous movie series in the world. The film is directed by Michael Bay with famous actors Mark Wahlberg and Stanley Tucci. This will be the fifth and final Transformers film to be directed by Michael Bay.

Also coming in the movie are Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson and John Tuturo from the first three films. The last movie Transformers Age of Extinction (4th Movie) received an Oscar and had earned a shocking amount of money.

In this movie there is a bit of a twist as in one part of the trailer where Optimus behaves weird and attacks Bumble bee. Some theories show he turns into nemesis prime but that has not been confirmed.

The villain in this movie is going to be another kind of knight which is thought to be Megatron and this has been proven is some videos on YouTube.

By Ziant