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BBC Reports by 8 Green

New Colour!

A few days ago, it was rumoured that new colours have been made with other colours and chemicals which are used to make potions. Are you ready to know what the new name of the colour is, because I definitely am.

 These are some of the suggestions:

Joel: “I think it’s Ploo-Ploo.”

Ahad: “ I think it’s Zyborg.”

Hanaan: “I think it’s Retean”


The new colour is? PROGON. Yes, it is Progon, and I think that is a pretty decent name for a colour that is made out of other colours and chemicals. The problem with this colour is that people think that this colour is very dangerous to touch because it could burn your hand. The smell of it could also make you so tired! Wonder why people make colours nowadays?

By Ashvin

I have 'ZE' new cheat box!

Comical or Coarse?

British comedian and actor, Simon Brodkin, disrupts Geneva motor show with a comical act at V.W presentation.

On the 1st of March, at the annual Geneva motor show, Simon Brodkin interrupts a presentation aimed at buyers advertising the new V.W UP! Taking advantage of the recent V.W scandal, Simon Brodkin walked on stage and gave V.W a painful reminder of their recent scandalous affairs, saying: ‘I have the new cheat box’ and with direct intent of informing the audience: ‘No-one is going to find out about this one!’ Brodkin, aged 38, then went on to deliberately bending under the car, pretending to fit a box marked ‘Cheat box’ with a spanner.

Security at the show intervened promptly, pulling Brodkin out from under the car and hurrying him away. However, Brodkin resisted and continued shouting: ‘Did you not get the memo?’ After a minor struggle, security removed him, leaving one man assuring the car was in good condition.

The presenter, after Brodkin was removed, commented: ‘Ladies and gentlemen, Thank you, lets continue.’ The show, although disrupted, continued with a sceptical mood amongst staff and the audience. A young woman, Mrs Dedat (English teacher) commented after the show, when interviewed: ‘Although I found it humorous and comical, I did feel sympathetic towards the workers and managers who had planned the event.’

Another lady, claiming to have seen the incident online, commented- ‘I found the Incident disturbing and the poor organisers must have lost a lot of credibility, as I, myself, found the incident believable.’ Reporters and journalists at the show posted online videos of the incident and soon after the event, many major news feeds had the incident on their website.

Herbert Diess chairman of V.W commented: “VW needs to make good on some things and win back the trust of our customers.” After the event, although some people are still in doubt, V.W plans to win back customers with the quality of their cars, and they say that this ‘Minor’ incident is not a problem to counteract. So it’s up to you to judge Brodkin’s behaviour: Comical or Coarse?

By Cristian

Olympics 2016

 Olympics games, which was originated in ancient Greece, were revived in the late 19th century and became the world’s preeminent sporting competition and are to be held every four years in one or more countries. Interestingly, in 2012, Olympic Games took place in London. It was a marvellous day for not only Londoners but all Great Britain and international.

Olympics are here this year! Are you interested? Why? Which country do you support? Well if you don’t know we asked some teenagers in high school and a TEACHER, in Rooks Heath High School, the same questions and more!

I interviewed Susmitha and asked, which country do you support? She said, “Argentina, because I think they have more strong athletes and they are brave!”

I also interviewed Ali and asked him, how do you feel about the Olympics? He said, “I think it is a good competition and it makes countries all around the world meet up!”

I interviewed Ashvin and asked him, are you going to watch the Olympics? He replied, “Yes, because I have watched it before and I really think it is positively competitive.”

Finally, I interviewed Mrs Dedat and asked her, are you interested and why? And, do you think the logo of Rio for the Olympics is suitable? She replied “It is good for the countries involved but I am not massively interested. I think the logo is suitable because it shows unity which is what the Olympics is great at demonstrating.”

From my interviews, I have found out that half the people are interested and the others are not. I think that the Olympic is a good competition and all the countries in the world should get involved. Team Great Britain played excellently and won 29 Gold, 17 silver and 19 bronze in 2012 Olympics. I hope and pray for team Great Britain to play well in Rio Olympic Games this year.

Get yourself fit this Olympics and have fun!

Olympics fun facts

  • The rings of the Olympics symbol represent 5 main regions of the world
  • Some countries has never hosted
  • The first Olympics took place in ancient Greece
  • Those days only men were allowed to play

By Hadia


 On 23 June, the UK will put an end to the Question that’s been on the surface of British politics for a very strong moment in history: Should the country remain within the Europe Union or leave the organisation all together?

Both sides of this debate reiterate that the outcome of the vote will settle the ‘War’ of Britain’s EU Membership accountable future. 

How we got here

The elections last year, with the Victory of the conservative party, activated a debate on an in/out referendum on Britain’s Membership of the European Union by the end of 2017.

This winter, David Cameron commenced on a tour of the European’s Union’s Capitals as he ‘fought’ to renegotiate Britain’s conditions of the Membership.

He affirmed to campaign against the Exit of the EU.

Here are a few Q and A’s:

Would you like to stay in the Eu or not? Mrs Dedat, Teacher at Rooks Heath College, said, “I would like to stay in the EU because without them we may have a more limited variety of resources available to use.”

If we do leave the EU, what do you think will change in the UK? Susmitha, student at Rooks Heath College, exclaimed, “We might not be able to go through Euro tunnel because the Europeans will want no contact with us!”

Do you think we will be strong without the EU, in terms of our defence? Cristian, student at Rooks Heath College, “EU or no EU, I believe in Britain and though we may be small, we are mighty!”

Some people did not want to be written down due to legal reasons, but what I can tell you is that the majority of them wanted to stay in the EU.

By Hanaan


Many people have been saying ghosts are real and other people say ghosts aren’t real, but what is the truth?
If you want to know, read on...

We interviewed 13 year old boy Cristian in Rooks Heath College, who doesn’t believe in ghosts, who said, "a ghost is a man covered in a white blanket trying to scare you and I really don’t even like ghost movies!”

We asked the same questions to a person who does believe in ghosts, Hanaan, 13 years old (also from Rooks Heath College), who said, “Ghosts are real because when I was in my home-land, when no one was looking, I saw things moving. I think a ghost is a spirit trying to stop bad deeds. I don't like ghost movies because I get creeped out!”

Finally, we interviewed a parent to learn their opinion of ghosts and the effect on their children. We interviewed Mrs Letchimiganthan, Harrow, who said, “I don’t believe in ghosts but I love watching ghost movies…the reactions of my kids when a ghost comes on the screen are hilarious! But I don't like it when it effects my son in a bad way as he can take it quite seriously. For example, simple things like walking to school or even going to the toilet on his own can be scary for him. Sometimes he even gets frightened that he might look into a mirror and not see his own eyeballs!”

Many people say they have seen ghosts or they have felt a ghost. Or when they are alone, paranormal things happen, like things falling on the floor. Others say they see people moving in the form of smoke but is it actually real. Psychiatrists say that when they think it is a ghost it will look like one. Also, scientists have proved that a gas called carbon monoxide can cause hallucinations that cause people to see ghosts. Perhaps it’s just down to personal opinion! One thing you should know however…look out, it’s behind you!

By Hishanth

Thinking of moving away? Why not Mars?

Want a fresh start? Why not move and start a new life on Mars?

I have interviewed some people and asked them questions like ‘Do you think there is life on Mars?’ or ‘Do you think people will survive on Mars and why?’ or ‘Would you live on Mars and why?’ I also asked if there was enough water on Mars to live and questions about the future of Mars.

The first person I have interviewed was Nour and she is from Rooks Heath ( a school in south Harrow). She said, ‘I think there is life on Mars but we may not be able to reach Mars.’ She also answered, ‘yes because they found water’ to the question ‘would people survive on Mars?’ Nour said she would not want to live on Mars because there is no technology and she does not think humans would survive there. Lastly, she doesn't think people would be living on Mars in the future.

I also interviewed Chayni (a student at Rooks Heath). Her answers were quite similar to Nour but the reason she did not want to live on Mars, also known, as the ‘Red planet’ was because it is too warm. She also said that she did not want to live so far away from everyone she knows.

 I would not like to live on Mars because I would be away from all of my beloved friends and family. I think there is life on Mars because there have been sightings of water and I also think aliens or non-human beings live on Mars. I do think there is a future on Mars but the planet has to be changed first. Improvements could be to build houses and simple necessary amenities.

By Jalisha


Did Neil Armstrong Really Land On The Moon?

Did Neil Armstrong really land on the moon? After almost half a century (47 years), this question has still risen to the surface. Some say no, some say yes. Now, I have decided to take the matter in my own hands…

In the year 1969, Apollo 11, carrying three men (Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin), landed on the moon - the earth’s only natural satellite 384,400 km away… or so some people think. Unfortunately, the matter has not been looked into enough by people. Mainly, arguments are biased; there is no proper scientific reasoning; however, that’s all in the past!

First of all, the American flag ‘waved’ as it was planted into the moon. May I ask how? As we all know, there is no air in space because the earth’s gravity keeps most of it near earth. If this space mission was so carefully thought out and bursting with science, how can they overlook such a simple fact that an eight year old knows: there is no air in space.

 Secondly, the ‘C’ rock. One of the most famous photographs was the rock which had this letter engraved in it. Evidence shows, that the letter was perfectly symmetrical; therefore, it is believed that it was used as a prop- to help bring out the supposed ‘moon’ atmosphere as a natural ‘C’ would not be so perfect!

Many people believe that there are a lot of other reasons of why this ‘trip' was just a hoax; however, there is no need for us to go into them a these are the main ones.

Here is an interview to reflect my research:

Nour: So what do you think of this statement, is it true or false… did Neil Armstrong land on the moon?

Ali: To tell you the truth, I don’t think that this happened and there is a lot of evidence to prove me right.

Nour: Why do you think that they spent so much money on faking the journey then if they could have spent it on something more useful?

Ali: There are many reasons as to why they did it… attention, fame a powerful look for the country, which could all result in a large say for the country and other things too.

Nour: Okay, so what do you think the money could have been spent on instead?

Ali: There are thousands of people living in poverty, there are thousands of ways in which they could improve their country. What is more important, improving the way of how people live, or taking a vacation?

Nour: Interesting answer, could you name something that might make people re-think their judgement of agreeing that the moon landing happened?

Ali: Well, if they managed to reach the moon, not just outer space, but the moon, in a time where science was nowhere near as developed as it is now, then how did they not reach another planet yet?

Nour: Thank you for your time!

By Nour

Kanye West Is In Debt Trouble!!

People donate money to help Kanye get out of 53 million dollars debt.

Kanye West is in deep trouble! He has been spending his money on Yeezy’s clothing line. He had been coming to the end of a busy weekend of where he had begun to finish his new album - The life of Pablo.  On Saturday night, Kanye announced live that he was in debt. He also later claimed on twitter that he was in debt of 53 million dollars and asked Founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, who is worth $35.7 billion, and Google Founder, Larry Page, who is worth $29.2 billion dollars, for money to “borrow” and to also support his ideas.

On 14-15 February Kanye West, Mark  Zuckerberg and Larry Page had a conversation. Kanye Tweeted:“I don’t have enough resources to create what I really can, Mark I am publicity asking you for help one of the coolest things you could ever do is to help me in my time of need and I will always respect you for that and the world will love you…”.

West has been receiving enormous amounts of money from many people that are willing to help pay his debt. The Grammy award-winning rapper has now got a which was created by Jeremy Piatt, 853 people have donated money to Kanye but has only raised $7,165 out of 53 million in 23 days.

Kim Kardashian, wife of Kanye West, has said that the couple keep their money separate and has also confirmed that she has refused, she to help pay for his debt problems. Overall, Kanye West still has his head up high and also thinks he should run for president in 2020. The question is, does the job pay well?

By Saleha


Nowadays, social networking apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp, to name a few, have become very popular for teenagers to use. However, there are major concerns about the negative impacts social media has on teenagers.

 Recent studies found that excessive use of social media can change your behaviour by you getting easily distracted or tired. On average, a teenager needs 8 ½ hours of sleep each night to function throughout the day. However, most teenagers do not get enough sleep due to using social media. This can dramatically affect your school work and your grades.

In addition, social media sometimes puts pressure on teenagers to make themselves available all the time, to reply back to messages or posts promptly. It is known that not replying can lead to the breakdown of friendships because the sender felt that they were being ignored.

A major issue with regards to using social media is cyberbullying. Research has shown that 7 out of 10 teenagers, between the ages of 13-16, said they had been victims of cyberbullying. Many victims claimed that it had caused them a lot of distress. The only way to get the bullying to stop was for them to deactivate their accounts or to report the incident to the police.

On a positive note, social media can be useful but, teenagers have to use it wisely and with caution. #wiseup!

By Serena