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Astronomy day at the Royal Greenwich Observatory

The year 13 Physics students were privileged to spend a day at the Royal Greenwich Observatory listening to some excellent lectures and taking part in an activity which allowed them to work out the approximate age of the universe.  Most of the activities took place in the more recent Astronomy Centre. The first activity of the day was a lecture given by Dr Radmilla Topalovic on stellar evolution.  When the brilliant lecture on stellar evolution was over the students had a chance to grab some lunch and have a look at the interactive galleries in the Astronomy Centre.

The next activity for the Year 13s involved the Citizen Science online project Galaxy Zoo  whereby members of the public can classify galaxies and contribute to scientific research. The students were given real data on galaxies from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and used basic equations to determine large-scale properties of the universe. The students were able view sunspots in the Royal Observatory courtyard. The final activity of the day was a lecture by Dr Olivia Johnson on - How black holes shape the universe.

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