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Rooks Heath School

Rooks Heath School

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Assessment for GCSE Courses

Assessment consists of   two components:

  •  Written paper      (40%)
  •  Coursework          (60%)

The students’ progress will be monitored through regular checks on the progress of design projects, assessment of short focused practical tasks and examinations at the end of Year 10 and the mock examinations in Year 11.

Controlled assessment/Homework

In Year 10 students will be given design projects aimed at developing their knowledge and understanding of the above areas and preparing them for Year 11 where they will be asked to produce one piece of coursework. There will also be a series of focused tasks that are aimed at developing specific knowledge and understanding.

The coursework component covers all aspects of designing and making. Students should demonstrate their designing and making skills and knowledge and understanding.

The major project will be set before the Summer Holiday in Year 10 and will be completed at Easter in Year 11.

Candidates are expected to spend 30 hours supervised time on the project.  In addition time can be spent at home or in additional classes at School.

There will be short-term deadlines for parts of the project to ensure students are progressing. Extra help will be available at lunchtime or after school clubs, which will be offered by individual teachers.

Presentation of folders and clear, well laid out information has been emphasised by the board and the design folders should reflect this.

The examination will consist of a combination of structured short answer questions and questions requiring more lengthy answers.