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Rooks Heath School

Rooks Heath School

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Assessment, Review & Evaluation

At Rooks Heath School we value the views and opinions of our parents/carers.  We communicate with parents/carers regularly to discuss the way in which we can effectively support the students.  We also make ourselves available as a team through regular telephone and email correspondence.  Parents/carers are welcome to contact us at any time.


On entry to Rooks Heath School, the Learning Development team gather information from lots of different sources to gain a holistic view of your child.  This includes the following :-

  • Information gathered through visits and conversations with your child's Primary school
  • Previous assessments such as SATS results
  • Primary school teacher assessments
  • Baseline assessments for each subject in Year 7
  • Feedback from teaching staff about how well your child is progressing
  • Cognitive Ability Tests (CATS) results

Where there is already an identified Special Educational Need  or Disability (SEND), we will arrange to meet with you in the Autumn term to talk about ways in which we can support your child.  Where there is a new need that has not yet been identified, we will put in place initial discussions, targets, a review of the targets and possible further assessments with outside agencies (if necessary).

Our initial assessments will lead to an intervention plan for your child and support will be put in place.   This will then be reviewed.

Review and Evaluation

The progress of all students with additional interventions will be reviewed regularly.  If your child is making good progress following the intervention, we will discuss whether it is still required. Where progress is not being made, we will consider alternative interventions that may be more successful.  If your child continues to struggle and is still not making progress, we will seek the advice of other outside agencies and professionals who may be able to provide further strategies and at times a diagnosis. 

We endeavour to seek your views and the views of your child to contribute to this ongoing cycle.