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Safeguarding Alert


URGENT ALERT - Financially motivated sexual extortion – URGENT ALERT

Globally there has been an increase in reports of children and young people being victims of financially motivated sexual extortion, often referred to in the media as 'sextortion'.

The National Crime Agency's CEOP Education have issued an alert to education settings across the UK in response to this threat. The alert will help professionals/carers to:

  • recognise and understand financially motivated sexual extortion
  • raise awareness and help seeking behaviours amongst children and young people
  • give suitable messaging and support to parents and carers
  • support victims of financially motivated sexual extortion

nca_financially_motivated_sexual_extortion_alert_education_eng.pdf (

Together with this link for more information/guidance

Safeguarding Alert: Financially Motivated Sexual Extortion - Ineqe Safeguarding Group