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Italian Students Visit Rooks Heath

Italian students from Don Peppino Diana Science School, Morcone, visited Rooks Heath School.

Rooks Heath School opened its doors to a group of Italian students from Don Peppino Diana Science School, Morcone, near Naples. The purpose of the visit was to improve their English, get an understanding of the British education system and make comparisons with teaching styles and the subjects taught.

The students had an enjoyable and very interesting experience. They mentioned that the class sizes in Italy were much bigger and that teaching was more traditional, more talk and chalk. They liked the English system which involves the students in more discussions, group work and self-assessment. They were amazed at the different number of nationalities in the school and how well they integrate.

Here are some of the comments made by the students:

Roberto said that he ‘learned a lot about Business Studies. It would be a good subject to do in our school’.

Andrea said ‘I love drama as it gives me confidence when talking in front of people. We do not do it in our school’.

Francesca mentioned ‘I loved drama because it was fun and interesting’.

Davide said that he played basketball here and found it to be better than volleyball which they play in Italy.

Adele said ‘she enjoyed the Maths classes…’

They thanked everyone for the warm welcome given by both staff and students.