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Rooks Heath School

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First Impressions of Rooks Heath

At our Prospective Parents’ Evening some of our new Year 7 Students were asked for their initial thoughts on starting at Rooks Heath School.  We would like to share their thoughts with you…..

At our Prospective Parents’ Evening some of our new Year 7 Students were asked for their initial thoughts on starting at Rooks Heath School.  We would like to share their thoughts with you…..



My name is Devashree and I’ve only just started Year Seven here at Rooks Heath School and I have to say that the experience I’ve had I’m not going to forget in a hurry. Rooks Heath is the best!

My first day at Rooks Heath was a Wednesday; therefore my Head of Year (Mr Williams) thought it was a reasonable idea for the new Year Sevens to do a typical routine to see what was to come for the next year. What I did learn is to run to get into the Rookery! (That’s the canteen to you). Over all I feel the School is a friendly welcoming and hardworking place.

As a person I am not worried about most things, but again this was different. If I was given one wish it’d be to go back in time to tell myself I was being silly to worry and I would be fine the second I stepped into Rooks Heath.

Compared with primary school Rooks Heath is bigger.  When you have a tour round the school you’ll have seen how overwhelmingly huge it is. That’s because your child will be doing 15 subjects more than once over the course of a fortnight.

So why is Rooks Heath so good? And why should you choose it? There is no doubt that the staff here are so amazing at their jobs. Without them Rooks Heath would not have got ‘3 Outstanding’ Ofsted reports. But the students too are kind, helpful and the best behaved children I’ve ever seen. And no matter what your hobbies are, there is a variety of clubs from breakfast club to Netball club your child will shine to their full potential.

Ever since I started out properly at Rooks Heath the teachers have had the pleasure of teaching the new Year 7s. We have been taught a wide of subject all of which have been very enjoyable.

I guarantee you that if Rooks Heath is your first choice your child will love it here and have the time of their life.



My name is Maha and I am in Year 7. On Intake Day I felt nervous as I did not know anyone but I was excited at the same time as I was eager to meet my Form Tutor. We also had a taster of some of the lessons we were going to have when we come back in September. I remember my Tutor Group having a lesson on acids and alkalis in Science. It was great fun! When we came back in September I was worried that I would get lost and be late for lessons but luckily some of the senior students that I asked helped me out and guided me in the right direction.

Rooks Heath School is the best school because the teachers make their lessons fun and interesting for us to achieve our goals. I know how all of you are feeling but I assure you, when your children come to Rooks Heath School in September everyone will be welcoming and will make sure they have settled down. So do consider Rooks Heath as your 1st choice for high school.



My name is Abdulwasey. It is an honour for me to deliver my first speech in Rooks Heath School. I started at Rooks Heath School this September. Recently we moved into the area. My parents were really concerned about my education and which Secondary School I would be going to. We applied for many other schools such as Nower Hill and Whitmore High School but at the Civic Centre the lady said the Rooks Heath School  is Outstanding and so we applied here. Then I got a place in Rooks Heath School.

After the induction day and parents evening I felt quite comfortable and relaxed. Once I started School I gradually felt confident because all the senior students and the staff were very welcoming and helpful.

I believe that through Rooks Heath School my goals and dreams will come true. My message to everyone is that we all should work hard and have the best behaviour and discipline so that Rooks Heath School could become one of London’s best Schools. I know this is quite early to say this, but for me till now Rooks Heath School has been Outstanding!!




I am Jacey and I am a proud student at Rooks Heath School. This school feels like home. Even on the first day at Rooks Heath I wasn’t too scared, I was actually very excited. All of the students that have started and were already at Rooks Heath School are kind, loyal and are looking out for you if you get lost. The Rookery is a big hit, it is amazing and my favourite food is the waffles (with syrup) and the chocolate milk. I love this school.