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Rooks Heath School

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Rooks Heath elects Harrow Youth MPs!

Thursday 11th February saw Rooks Heath's inaugural Harrow Youth Parliament election.

Twenty-two candidates campaigned during a rigorous two week period across the School, in registrations, assemblies, at break, and during lunch, making speeches, creating posters, and sharing word of mouth.

Candidates campaigned on a range of issues, stretching from life skills training and tackling discrimination right down to relaxing phone usage rules, and introducing free WiFi. Of course,only students could vote.

The candidates were:

Milena 7Y, Azita 7Y, Kesia 7Y, Keethiya  7Y, Adyesha 7Y, Aftab 7O, Devashree 7O, Maha 7G, Umair 7O, Belel 8R, Sahil 8R, Nabiha 8B, Kivraj 9Y, Dania 9O, Layth 10G, Sumairah 10G, Phinehas 11Y, Haider 11Y, Dilachsa 11R, Tarah 11R, Desharne 12I, and Nathan 12R.

In the weeks leading up to polling day, students became more and more engaged in the election. Many students rallied around their candidate during their campaigns, while other candidates garnered strong applause from students upon entering their form. However, one candidate exceeded the maximum number of posters, a breach in our electoral rules.

Polling day arrived. Much of the Sixth Form left the School at 12:10, 15 minutes before polling opened. This meant Years 12 and 13 had to wait for the hall to be free at 12:25 to cast their vote. Students busily queued to receive their ballot papers and cast their vote. Over 400 students voted in the 45 minute lunch break.


The winners are: Nathan, Desharne, Kivraj and Haider.  These students will now be sworn in at Harrow Youth Parliament to become MHYPs (Members of Harrow Youth Parliament) and attend meetings alongside representatives from other schools in the borough. These students will use their position to improve the borough, with a focus on improving the standard of education, improving communication between schools, improving the relationship between young people and the police, and events for young people. The aim here will be to affect meaningful change.

Many thanks to all the staff and students who gave up their free time to make the election possible and to all the candidates who offered their services to the school – well done.