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Year 8 Geography Trip to Denham Country Park

On Tuesday 19th May 2015, 39 Year 8 students participated in a trip to Denham Country Park. 

On Tuesday 19th May 2015, 39 Year 8 students participated in a trip to Denham Country Park. It was an entertaining and informative day. The purpose of the trip was to allow students to expand their knowledge of rivers through a series of fun and practical activities. We spent the first couple of hours of the day carrying out fieldwork in the River Misbourne. We measured its width and depth and then used this data to draw a cross-section of the channel. We then did some ‘river dipping’ to find out what wildlife lives in the river.

 We all enjoyed a revitalizing lunch in the cafe before walking through a scenic park. This led us to where we would spend the remainder of our day. Having arrived at a long, stretching canal, we all jumped aboard a canal boat (called the ‘Floating Classroom’) and did a series of activities which taught us about the history of boats and how to differ between rivers and canals.

We were then allowed to stand up on the front deck and gaze at the surrounding scenery for the duration of the boat trip. Six students were selected to operate the locks and gates, which allow the boat to travel up the canal. Upon completion of our boat journey, we leapt onto dry land and we walked back to the coach which transported us back to school.

 The trip was extremely pleasant, informative and thoroughly enjoyable. I would highly recommend this trip to future Year 8 students, as all the participants agreed that it was tremendous fun. So many thanks to the members of staff who organised the trip, and assisted us during it!         

Sumayyah (8 Yellow)   


Awesome... Fantastic... Outstanding.... These are words I would use to describe the trip we went on. It was a fabulous day out in Denham Country Park. First of all we went to the park and did some research on the River Misbourne. We measured its depth, its width and the speed of the water. Afterwards we went into the river to find out about the wildlife living in it. We took many selfies during the morning. Then we had lunch. I had a hot chocolate because when we went into the river my uggs got water in them so I wanted something to warm me up!

 After lunch, we walked to the Grand Union Canal. For me, that was the best part of the day! I enjoyed walking to the boat but the boat ride (the ‘Floating Classroom’) was even more fun. After all the fun activities, we went back to School in the coach. I would recommend this trip to anyone who likes Geography and loves to have fun. So, a big thank you to Mrs Arnold, Ms Lane, Mr Simpson and Mr Geoghegan for organising this trip. It was a unique experience and we had a fantastic time. I didn't want the day to end!

Riya (8 Indigo)