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My Story of Britain

Last term, GCSE Photography students opened an exhibition entitled ‘My Story of Britain’ in the School Reception. 

 Last term, GCSE Photography students opened an exhibition entitled ‘My Story of Britain’ in the School Reception. ‘My story of Britain’ showcased a series of photographs created by our young students to reflect their perception and representation of what they believe to be British culture, ways or rituals.

The project was introduced by one of our American interns Gabby Pallotto, Connecticut USA. She was struck by the reality of multiculturalism in Britain: ‘As an American teacher coming over to Britain I had many ideas in my head of what Britain was going to or supposed to look like. I wanted each pair of students to start with their initial reaction to this question, “What does it mean to be British?

Despite the busy schedule of their coursework projects, students enthusiastically undertook ‘My Story of Britain’ project. From their initial response they looked at artists such as Martin Parr, a British photographer who is internationally known for his innovative and ‘in your face’ approach to photography through which he represents British culture. His series on Brighton was particularly useful at helping them develop their own style as well as explore some of their own cultural practices in this country of Britain.

I wanted them to think about what they truly thought it meant to be part of the culture they live in…

For 6 weeks, they researched, shot, reviewed and reshot, in studio and on location, including a trip around the local area where they learnt valuable techniques such as Street Photography and how to photograph total strangers with their consent. Working in pairs, each group completed a sketchbook full of prints and critical writing on techniques, context and practices.

The result was a beautifully curated exhibition by the students. The staff and parents were invited to the Private View and their reactions were very positive. ‘I had a look at the exhibition, it was brilliant!!!! What great work! Très Bien!’ commented Ms A. Madlani later.

The photographs have now been shipped to Connecticut, USA for a second exhibition organised by Gabby Pallotto.










Cosmin 11G

Anusan 11G

Michaela 10I

Hodan 11B

Lynsey 11G

Daman 11I

Patryk 11V

David 10I


Marcin 11B

Alexandra 11B

Aleksandra 11Y

Radoslaw 11G

Najma 11G

James 10Y

Ahmed 11I

Fatima 10I

Brandon 10B

Arkadivsz 10I

Paula 11R

Kristaps 11I

Nabihah 10G

George 11B

K. Kunakey

Head of Photography Dpt