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Rooks Heath School

Rooks Heath School

Strive to be your best

Items that can be bought with cash in BF12


Items that can be bought with cash in BF12

Pencil Case with all the equipment below - £3.50

or the items can be bought separately

Green pen                           10p

Red pen                               10p

Pencil                                   10p

Pencil sharpener                  10p

Eraser                                  10p

Ruler 15cm                         10p

Protractor                           15p

Ruler   30cm                       20p

Compass with pencil         35p

Black gel rollerball pen     50p

Empty pencil case          £1.20

Pritt Stick                         £1.25


We also stock:

Scientific Calculator       £6.50

Link Book                       £4.00

Tie                                  £4.00

Black pen                        10p

Maths Exercise books  50p & 75p


You can also top up Print Credit