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Foster Carers Needed

Foster carers are needed in Harrow to look after children of all ages who cannot live with their birth families. There are many reasons why children need a period of fostering. These include:

 a parent going into hospital

 a parent not coping because of substance misuse

 a parent not coping due to mental ill health

 bereavement

 a child being abused or neglected

Some children stay in foster care for only a few days or weeks until their families are able to care for them again. Sometimes it isn't possible for them to return home and alternative plans are made either through permanent fostering or adoption.

Foster carers offer children the opportunity to grow and develop in a safe and secure environment. Foster carers work as part of a team with the child's social worker, birth parents and any other agencies involved in the child's care. We offer the carers excellent support, comprehensive training, a dedicated supervising social worker, regular support meetings, membership to the Fostering Network and an allowance.

We particularly welcome people who have experience of working with children and understand child development and behaviours.

Anyone interested can contact us using the following:

Call: 020 8736 6971

Free Call: 0800 064 1000

Web: http://www.harrow.gov.uk/fostering

Harrow fostering leaflet

Harrow Foster Carer Recruitment