Fifty students become young engineers!

Fifty Year 8 and 9 students were given the opportunity to be young engineers and were involved in designing a train for the HS2 project. This was a perfect opportunity for bringing Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths subjects to life. The STEM day session started with students taking part in a Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS) exercise to help identify the best role for them in the main project.

The railways are in increasing demand, and projects such as HS2 mean that a new generation of railway engineers is needed. The project that the students were involved in was to design a train that would travel fast but maintain high levels of safety.

 The teams were given the opportunity to put their creativity and problem-solving skills to work with others on the project.

They learnt about the challenges that face the UK’s rail network, as well the specific technologies including: railway crashworthiness, aerodynamics, instrumentation, robotics and automatic train control.

There was ample opportunity for creative thinking, as well as the chance to develop practical skills using hand and power tools, and their communication skills to develop marketing materials. They were also able to develop their team working and project management skills.

The day ended with teams involved in a marketing pitch to ‘sell’ their train. The winning teams won headphones donated by the Smallpeice Trust.

As expected, behaviour was impeccable and I glowed with pride when the STEM ambassador said that this was one of the best schools that she had been to with regards to pupil participation and behaviour.

Mrs Ul-Haq

All the photos from the day will available to view in the Photo Gallery.