Students will be dismissed at approximately 2:30pm on Friday 15th June

June 2018

Dear Parent or Carer


Early Dismissal from College

I am writing to advise you that on Friday 15th June 2018, there will be no lessons during Period 5.  Instead, at the end of Period 4 (2.10pm), students will be asked to return to their Form Rooms, where they will be issued with their new timetables.  There will be time for them to enter the information into their Link Books before they are dismissed at approximately 2.30pm.

Please note that the new timetables come into effect on Monday 18th June 2018, when it will be a Week 1.  Your child should ensure that he or she brings the appropriate books and equipment.

Thank you for your support.

Yours faithfully

Mrs J Haddow

Deputy Headteacher (Curriculum)